Triple Axle Tilt Bed

So, you want a tag hitch (otherwise known as a bumper hitch) trailer, but you are expecting to carry a massive amount of weight.

We get that.

You also want the ease of use of a tilt bed trailer. We can do that, too!

NOTE! I have to get in and shoot our newest model... the newer version will have std full LED lights with thinline tail lights and also have an adjustable height front pintle ring hitch.

Could this be the ultimate little bumper pull tilt bed trailer? Perhaps. Is it the ultimate bumper pull, triple axle tilt bed trailer you can own for right around $5,000? We are going to go out on a limb and say -- yes!

And here it is tilted up for show. Imagine what you COULDN'T haul on a trailer like this!


Rear view of the unit gives you a very good idea of the ground clearance a tilt gives you while towing. Nice and roomy!

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