Drive Over Fender Trailers in Various Models

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12,000lb drop leg jack set back in the tongue (BIG!) $150

Need indestructible fenders We've got them!

Check these cool drive over fenders constructed of 10" channel steel.

Only $250 a pair Here are a pair of channel steel drive over fenders on our favorite all-around working trailer design, a 20' M/T Tilt Speedhauler with 9,990lb GVWR package and channel fenders. You could have one of these for less than $3,500. NOW! You'll have a money-making, trouble-free scrap hauling trailer that will pay for itself in about 5 loads to the scrap buyer!

Just want your fenders completely out of the way? Our removable fender option is extremely popular as well!

Watch how they remove and reinstall in seconds as Craig pops off a fender and puts it right back on in real-time!

Removable Fenders, Pair ONLY $150

Watch how fast and powerful this upgrade is to your M/T Tilt trailer.. not for everyone at this price, but if you load and unload several times a week (or DAY!), this is the option you will fall in love with.

Upgrade an M/T to the push button power hydraulic tilting and lowering E/T model!

9,990lb package

Upgrade 7,000lb suspension to full on 9,990lb GVWR rating, includes bigger frames, tighter crossmembers, bigger radial tires, 8k dropleg jack upgrade and more… only $650

14,000lb GVWR package

Upgrade 7,000lb suspension trailer to full 14,000lb GVWR package, including 14” crossmember spacing, heavier frame, heavier standard trailer jack, 235 16 ST trailer radial tires and more. $895

Red, Yellow or Silver paint color upgrade from black $100


Diamond Plate Steel floor upgrade is only $40 per foot of bed ($720 on an 18' bed length trailer for instance). Full .100 diamondplate steel welded down to gridded cross members and stringers to make for an incredibly strong long lasting floor.

NOTE: ALL Hull Trailers come with a 90 day nose to tail parts replacement warranty and a 10 year frame and floor warranty. The ONLY things not covered by any warranties are wheels, tires and paint… (for pretty obvious reasons!)

As always, this one page sheet is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our available models and options.

Call Craig at 712-589-3055 to have ANY trailer you are looking for specified and quoted right over the phone.

All prices are ACTUAL out the door prices. No doc fees or hidden charges. All prices assume Cash on hand pickup. Credit Cards will have a 3% fee added on for clearing and processing!