Fully Wrapped Tongue?

What is a fully wrapped tongue and why do I care?

Fully Wrapped Tongue

On all Hull Trailers, you will find this one very important feature. We have always called it a fully wrapped tongue.


The Tongue of the Trailer

What this means is that the tongue of the trailer angles back underneath the main frame of the trailer, connects to side bolsters made from the same channel steel and continue back as far as they can until they meet the spring hangers for the front suspension on the trailer.

Stacked Channel System

This does two things. First, it creates a stacked channel system on channel steel frame trailers, like this little custom 18 M/T tilt we built for a man in Illinois.


Strong Frame System

This stacked channel gives you MORE frame strength in front of the fenders on this trailer (where most of the load you carry will be, at all times) than if we built the frame out of 10" channel steel. The two 5" channels stacked on one another create a monstrously strong frame system (Now you know why a 10 year frame warranty is no sweat with us... because you'll probably snap the axles in half before you hurt the frame!)

300% Increase in Torsional Rigidity

Now this is where the rubber meets the road and where we are proud to say FULLY wrapped tongue. A lot of companies kinda sorta extend some metal back from where the angle of the tongue meets the trailer, but all of our units have this side extension custom cut to length and fitted. Then it is fully welded to the very front spring perch of the suspension to tie the entire unit into a strong, caged, 3 dimensional structure. By taking the time to do that, it creates a 300% increase in torsional rigidity over other trailer designs.

300% stronger means..... 300% stronger

So.... now you know what a fully wrapped tongue is and why we do it.

Don't you feel smarter already!!!


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