Crossing the Line... Craig's soap box!
July 3rd 2019.
God Bless America!

Yes.... I said it and I mean it. I was born here, I was raised here, I have had kids and grandkids here and I have a very firm belief that this country shall continue and thrive and not perish from this Earth, as Abraham Lincoln so perfectly stated many years ago.

Just like anyone in business, I have watched the President's current battle with China and have been financially vested in it's outcome. The Patriot in me yells, "Go Get 'em!, Don! Enough of their currency devaluations and industrial espionage! Make them play ball!"

The business man in me is silently whispering, "Oh... man.... this is going to mess things up for a little while."

They're both right! But, it is what it is. We have now been notified that final tier of tariffs has gone into effect on anything that still must be imported from China, which isn't a whole lot of components. We have great suppliers with pretty deep pockets and they have been doing a really good job of hunting up sources elsewhere and mitigating price increases where they can. I expect to send out a final price adjustment on our products no later than August 1st and I really don't foresee it changing most trailer prices by more than $100-200 or so.

If you want to save a little, I will honor current pricing until the end of July. Maybe it will deflate again quickly, as we are China's absolute #1 customer, but... it may not. Either way, this is still America and we still know how to do business, in the long run.

June 19, 2019
I have been remiss in my Crossing the line verbiage... my apologies.
Earlier this month I decided to put on a D Day sale. #1. Because I like to sell trailers and #2, because I see a lot of D-Day sales that only last for D-Day or maybe the weekend nearby. I thought that running it until the end of the month would be my silent thanks to all of those very brave people who gave it all back in the day so we could sit here and complain about how stupid the world is on our smart phones today.

Though I never served. (My Dad told me that I would just end up in Leavenworth federal pen, if I did make the mistake of signing up and I agreed with him at the time.) I have had many members of my family who did. I've had family that fought for Kings in England and Scotland, our Revolutionary Wars, The Civil War (Both sides! One on the Hull side and one on the Smith side), World War 1, 2 and even Korea and Vietnam. I sat at many a funeral for young servicemen who paid the price and watched my Mother preach at more than a few of them.

But, my Dad is the one that I recall the most. Drafted to Korea at only 18 years of age. He'd never spent a night off of the farm until he got on that troop train and headed for basic training. He NEVER spoke of Korea or what he saw there... ever. But, I have heard about his thoughtfulness and bravery from others who served with him and I always wish that he'd have talked more about it. When I asked him what it was like in Korea, he said, "Cold." end of story every time.

Here's some shots of my Dad. Dean Hull. Circa 1953 or so....

My older brother found these photos of my Dad from back then and made a simple collage of them for our family Facebook page and I thought I would place it here as well. I know it rings hollow now, because of how many times people blather it about... but I really do thank those who served for what they did. My advice? Next time you see a man or woman in uniform at the gas station, buy their fuel for them. At a restaurant? Pick up their check... that's a REAL way to say thank you! Just a thought.

February 26th, 2019
Is it over yet?
As you'll easily notice, it has been a little while since I have written on the old Crossing the Line page. Part due to laziness and part due to... well... disgust. I'll be brief.

Tariffs 101 and the trailer manufacturer.
In the fall, President Trump followed through on his promise to make China play ball. He started off by hitting China with 25% steel tariffs as well as a hefty tariff on all sorts of Chinese manufactured goods. You know me and you know that have supported Trump from long before day one. But, these hit me right where it hurt the most, since we build nearly everything using steel and you can't hardly find a component on today's trailers that isn't at least partially manufactured in China. It was like having a big bullseye painted on my forehead.

Everybody got greedy.. immediately.
Within 24 hours of the announcements by the President, steel pricing went up for us and has never come back down and trailer parts began to climb... and climb and climb some more. We adjusted pricing accordingly and have done our best to slash costs where we can to keep that competitive streak I love so well, but I must admit that since we were back ordered out nearly 18 weeks on Dump box trailers and nearly 8 weeks or more on just about everything else at the time, we took it in the pants for a good 90 days. We are people of our word and we didn't go back and punish those who had already ordered, we did something old fashioned. We gritted our teeth and took the hit. This was blow #1.

Man, am I glad I don't farm.
Blow #2 was what amounted to the worst harvest season the middle states have seen in a long long time. Though we sell many trailers to many people in nearly every State in the union, there is not getting around the fact that we are in Iowa and an Ag economy drives everything near us. So, farmers got hit in their pocket books and didn't necessarily need to freshen up as many trailers as usual. We took the farm decline in sales and worked it advantageously by getting out of State sales cranked up and lead times dropped down, but it just put a sour taste on my fall of 2018.... and then hit #3 came...

Finally you could actually sell a snowmobile in Southwest Iowa!
Winter actually showed up... and has never left. Blizzards, ice storms, below zero degree days for weeks at a time. It makes it hard for anyone to remember that spring is indeed coming. So, we dealt with the sticker shock of tariff driven pricing, compounded by just an awful fall harvest and then months of horrendous winter weather. It just puts a guy in a growly mood.

I got some insurance...
But, as I am always happy to say, God watches out for fools and Children because I am evidence of both! Last spring, i had an inkling that something weird was going to come. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I just had that 'feeling'. So, I did something that I haven't done in years. I let my bank issue me a rather large line of credit. My wife was stunned that Mr. No Debt would want to establish a hefty line of credit, but my reply was simple. If we had a hard winter, it would be nice to have it available.

And we never had to use it!
And here I sit, less than 4 days away from March and Melissa has never needed to touch a dime of that line of credit! Has it been fun? Heck no! Did we have to trim some fat? Sure did! But, I believe that it has made everyone in my company better understand how this all works and it will make a better company for you to deal with as a result. I can only thank God for giving us our daily bread over this last six months and I can't be more thankful to you who have told your friends about your HP trailer and helped us find new customers and friends. We're sure happy to have made it through without incurring debt, because that always allows us to keep the pricing as low as we can and it also helps me sleep at night.

So, is it over yet?
Frankly, I can't say. Sales are pretty strong, Kenny has been hiring and bringing production up and we keep thinking that the last snow storm will be the LAST snow storm... but, who knows? We did just get notification that Dexter Axles will be hitting us with another hefty price increase and that wheels and tires will take another price increase next month, but we will adapt to that. The good news is, you're still here and we're still here and I have never seen it snow here in July... God bless us all.

May 8th, 2018.
2018 Models are SOLD OUT! Thank you all!
Since we change our model year on the 1st of July, that means we're only 8 weeks out from starting 2019 model production, which means we are basically sold out on all 2018 model production. 

NEW 2019 Pricing coming ASAP!!!!
We'll be doing our usual cost plus analysis of our materials costs and do a little adjusting here and there. Expect new pricing to take effect darn near immediately, like by Monday May 14th. In this day and age of Steel tariffs and what is a strong booming economy, inflation is a given. Our aim is to simply keep our numbers at the proper margins. When things get cheaper, we go down... when they get higher, we go up. Welcome to America.  

It's never too early to start on getting your favorite President Re-elected! I was on Amazon the other day and saw that they were already selling Trump 2020 signs... so I snagged three and have already boldly posted my opinion on the matter. If you're digging Don like I'm digging Don, go get some and start spreading the word... Trump 2020. Has a nice ring to it!


So.... I lost my mind a little and bought another car. But, not just any car... since I am a father and husband, I decided it was time to add a 4 door sedan to my stable, but I hate slow cars. After much study and debate, I ordered a new 2018 Dodge Hellcat Charger. Yes, the 707 horsepower, 204 MPH top end, ballistic missile disguised as a car. 

I know what your first question is.... is it fast. Um... yes it is fast, violently, psychotically, dangerously fast. When you have 700 plus horsepower that you can instantly call up at the twitch of an ankle, time and space get a little warped. Top speed? I've taken it up around 160mph, but am feeling older and more wise. So, I haven't gotten up the nerve to see if it will actually do 204mph yet... but I have no doubt that it can hit that number. 

The interior is a little plasticy, yet roomy. Stereo is excellent, at 6'3", I have to be careful how I get in so as not to hit my head, but once inside, it is roomy enough and comfortable. Of course my 8 year old thinks it is the baddest thing around, since it snorts and snarls and growls it's way around town. 

Does it give you an attitude? Yes... but a good one. I drive down the road knowing that i have without a doubt the fastest car on that stretch of road, no matter what road I am on and that somehow does make me happy. Would I recommend one to a friend? Oh yes.... run to your dealer and pony up the money. It's lightening in a bottle and you can have it for yourself. 

January 31, 2018
Oh my! What a year! I first must pat all of my guys on the back for getting in there and making our little company a powerhouse! I had set a 5 year goal and they are already hitting it in year two!!! I believe that we are building some of the nicest trailers we have ever built and we're building them at the rate we needed to make this whole thing work. 

Price increases coming, but small...
Other than some tire and axle price increases, we've been able to maintain pretty flat pricing and I only see minor price adjustments necessary to keep things working correctly. So, expect a little price movement in February, but nothing Earth shaking at all. 

It won't be long before we implement the new name for our little company. The change will make it public that my partner, Kenny Porter is indeed a co-owner of the company and he bought it the most old fashioned way possible... he earned it. Don't be alarmed when you start seeing the new Hull Porter logo which will run under the HP Trailers banner. It's just me making sure that Kenny gets what he more than deserves. His name on every trailer. 

And now a word about our new President. 

Good Job, Mr. President! 
Tax policy changes, slowly bleeding the lifeblood out of Obamacare, Kicking ISIS back into their collective holes, the list of great stuff keeps coming and coming. I watched his State of the Union Speech last night and it was first time in over 8 years that I could actually sit through one without shutting the television off. 

At this rate, I'll be voting for Trump in 2020 and I think anyone in business, or who cares about the long term health of America would do the same. 

God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America. 

August 2nd 2017

In praise of the Mayo Clinic. 
I have been recovering from my surgery of a few months ago and feel that I am once again feeling much like a human being should. The Mayo Clinic, in Rochester MN proved itself worth the trip! Let me explain. 

For about 3 years, I had been suffering from something that I have NEVER suffered from before. I was feeling abdominal pain, almost heart burn. Along with it came an ugly internal cramp at the bottom of my rib cage on the right side. I had gone to my local Doctor about it regularly and had tried every pill they tossed my way. I endured upper and lower GI procedures, ultrasounds and even a PET scan over these months and their explanation? They didn't know. 

Finally, in disgust, my lovely wife demanded that I go to the Mayo. I mean, 3 years with no improvement? It was time to do something. It was making me grumpy and anti social. I didn't eat out, had become somewhat of a hermit and she was more tired of it than me probably. 

So, I made the appointment and showed up bright an early on a Monday morning in Rochester. The first meeting was not looking good. They were of the mind that I was a hypochondriac! I could see the doubt in the Doctors eyes. But, he threw up his hands and ordered a high resolution ultrasound of my liver and gall bladder area one more time. 

The next day, I came in and decided to take a different jib with them and it worked. I explained that I was not in there to sell them on me being sick. Deciding if I was sick was THEIR job. My job was to come up because I definitely had a physical problem and I trusted them first and foremost to fix it, just like they had expertly fixed my mysterious hypertension over a decade earlier. I believe that this short honest talk did a lot. As they took a new eye while looking at my ultrasound on Tuesday.

Wednesday I showed up for some other tests and was told that they had 'found it'! I had a polyp inside my gall bladder that was located down near the duct. So, when my gall bladder would contract, the polyp would plug the duct hole, giving me the same feeling as if I had gall stones, which I did not have. They scheduled me for a simple surgery Thursday and I was headed home Friday. 

Was it an immediate improvement? Not really. When you lose a gall bladder, a lot of things change. But, after a few months, I am starting to feel like I can function like a normal person again. 

So, I suffered for three years while dealing with my local medical teams and had it fixed in five short days at the Mayo. End of story. Anytime I meet someone who is fighting some sort of condition that their local Doctors cannot figure out, I always give them the same short, five word advice.... GO TO THE MAYO CLINIC. End of story. 

If you know of someone who needs to get a medical condition corrected, give them this phone number... the Mayo is a Doctors office, like any other. You can simply call and schedule an appointment! Do it!!!! 507 538 3270. 

Tell them Craig Hull sent you. You'll be glad you went. 

we keep it carved as close to the bone as we can, but you have to keep up with costs. Check out the new pricing by clicking here to visit our pricing page...

July 13th, 2017
I haven't been posting lately and that's bad on me. I love you guys and it's been going so darn smoothly that I just let it run on autopilot sometimes. As far as news? Well, we've gone 100% polished diamond plate aluminum solid side design on all of our aluminum single axle trailers, which really makes for a sweet looking model. Add to that the inclusion of coated steel hinges and latch points on the gates and we've created a tough, pretty little trailer for under $2,000 that no other competitor can even touch. Here's a photo of a unit we just finished for a customer the other day... enjoy and check out the aluminum page by clicking here. 

Our new partnership with Taskmaster to offer wheels and tires with a 2 year warranty and road side assistance has been a hit as well. As long as I have been in the trailer business, I have NEVER seen a company make such an offer! Everything we build now carries a direct to Taskmaster 2 year warranty on all wheels and tires! Incredible stuff!
Click this link to learn more about Taskmaster and what they offer. 

As always, we say thanks for the business and yell if we can help with anything!
Craig and crew. 

Saturday Night April 29th, 2017.
A personal note from the home office of Craig Hull


That’s how I describe our life and our business right now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not unicorn farts and dancing leprechauns around here. We’ve had some hard battles to fight over the last 12 months. From the assumption of debt of my predecessor and the expected strains that would come with that. Combine it with a building gutting fire last March, a work force situation that almost daily reminds me of an episode of the walking dead and the daily rigors of getting what you want from your suppliers without having to let blood or threaten bodily injury.  

Whipping this little idea into an operating, self-sustaining, maybe even on going and growing enterprise has taken some pretty serious effort on everyone’s part… but it is finally showing. Customers like you send your friends and they happily wait in line to the THEIR new Hull trailer. Our vendors have all realized that (duh!) we pay our bills like clockwork and with that has come even better pricing when possible, but more importantly, it has given the almost invaluable tool of getting a phone call ahead time… a heads up in advance of increasing steel or rubber or lumber pricing. And that is magic for us too.

Yes, my partner Kenny Porter has been everything I needed him to be and much more here. He took a charred shell of a building and turned it back into a world class trailer manufacturing facility! He’s taken employees who didn’t seem smart enough to get in out of the rain and turned them into disciplined, hardworking people that really care what their product looks like and he’s got the doing it at a rate of one complete trailer or better per hour, every hour of every day….

We are blessed. It feels like a miracle and I just wanted to stop and write a public note saying as such. Thank the Lord, Kenny Porter, my wife Melissa and all of you who love our stuff. Without all of you. It was just be something sadly average. And that is something that I simply couldn’t tolerate.

Watch out for steel prices climbing in June, which will be mean another slight upward adjustment of trailer costs in July. ($50 to $200) depending on the model. But until then, current pricing is good, lead times are out a little way and if you want one at today’s price, I would pick up my phone, call the office and get your deposit on one. Your just not buying a really great trailer now. You’re getting something out of a company that it really doing special stuff. And that it a prize in itself.

Thanks for the business.

Craig Hull

April 17th, 2017. 
2018 models are out.... and i could not be happier. Thanks for the love.
A Personal Note from Craig Hull, Founder and official evil grand high poobaah of HP Trailers with a VERY personal message...... 

(A quick camera shot of me and my FOURTH child.... 20 years removed from the first 3. His Name is Tom and he is awful worried about why his poor old Dad's tummy hurts so much all of the time.... so.... it was time for me to get a plan. And I think it's a good one.)

Personal note from Co-owner Craig Hull here. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing the response to what we offered when my little company walked in and took over Hull Trailers. Sales have stayed through the roof since day one and we've been pushing and growing to keep up with your orders.

Regardless, through our building gutting fire last spring, you all, for the most part, hung tough and waited until we got your orders done.

Since then, sales are incredibly strong and we are actively addressing any and all issues to keep building NICE... and, I mean... really nice trailers in higher and higher volumes every week.

But, the current job pool is somewhat of a test in patience.... but my partner Ken Porter is the man for the task and he's the man to fix it.

Right now, we are booked out pretty tight at 6-14 weeks. No getting around it in the short term.

Long term? Better pay, better benefits, free chef cooked custom lunches, paid vacations, holidays and upcoming company sponsored life, health, dental insurance plus 401k. Will fix the issues and give you even better product for only a couple of bucks difference!

Add in 100% 2 years warranty on all wheels and tires, 100% Dexter axles, with complete 'one call' support, can only bolster our solid 10 year frame and floor warranty!!!!

I tell you. From my perspective, we are in exciting times. Too bad that I can't be there minute by minute to watch. Seems that my gallbladder has decided to go on strike and between doctors visits and a forecoming week at the famous Mayo Clinic, I'll be part timing it for a little while.

Me, worry? Nope. With my partner Kenny Porter, his shop manager Brad, Jason Cornelison, running all sales and customer service, backed up by Bailey in the office, Jenny answering the phones and my lovely wife Melissa watching over it all, I can finally lean back, relax, watch the numbers and know that you... and myself are in good hands.

Thanks for the business, God bless and keep talking to your friends about us. We'll be here to help.

Welcome to 2017!
Well, guys... we all made it to the year 2017. I remember back in High School in the 1970's and never knew if we would be here today. I don't know about you guys, but I remember how all of our teachers were obsessed with the fact that the Russians were going to nuke us all to death and that was the end of it. Not a bright and shiny future painted for us at the time. 

Well, look back now. Disco is dead, America has survived and thrived through some really weird times and here we are! Now we have a new president coming into office in about two weeks and the doom and gloom crowd are once again at a full boil. All I can say is, whatever. 

Let's get back to just doing business and not worrying about those who don't help make things better. In that vein....

What a December sale we had! 
We wanted to make sure the boys stayed busy and also thank the world in general for their business and our $100 an axle off sale through December 30th worked almost too well. Tons of new trailers on order and lots of cool units to be built for people. 

John Deere Green? Why not!

This cool 14' dump box was built for a John Deere dealer (go figure!) and comes with all of the new standard equipment that these come with. That includes the adjustable height coupler, 7 gauge floor, 10 gauge steel drive over style fenders, full thinline LED lighting and the new greasable rear gate hinges! Plus, they opted to put cool aluminum wheels on it as well for only $400 more. As of January 2017, you could get an exact copy for right at $6,695

Also, I apologize that i haven't sat down and done some serious photo updating on this site, but there are a few reasons.. #1... we are so busy building and shipping sold units that we never have time to build a nice photo shoot trailer. And #2.. Just about the time we get to a point where I could shoot one and do update, Kenny improves it and changes it a little more!

Case in point; Our new thinline LED lights that come standard on all of our HD flatbed low deck trailers. Check this one out.

This sweet little 16' plus 2' dovetail hauler only has one option. The $300 drive over fenders. Everything else, including those neat thinline LED tail lights is all standard. 

Well, he did it....

Donald Trump fought, argued, punched, kick and even bit a little to get through the fight, but he did it. He is now the elected President of these grand and wonderful United States of America! Amen, Good for him and God Bless him too....

NOW... enough of the back patting.. time to get to work, President Trump. 
We need the following as fast as possible. 

1. New lower tax codes that have a definitive timeline, so companies can plan for the long term and not be wondering what the taxes will be next year or the year after. 

2. Obamacare... fix it, tweak it, modify it or kill it outright!!! NOW!!!! It is the most crushing problem working Americans have to deal with right now... so get something on the table and make it happen asap. 

3. Wars... enough wars that we don't win. Get our boys what they need, unchain the dogs and let them hunt until there is nothing left to hunt and then bring our boys home!

Everything else is pretty minor, in my opinion. These three important first things are indeed the most important first things.... after these, kill the Iran deal. Make the UN tow the line or get out, Make Mexico and China play nice and shut North Korea up for good. (Putin could do that for you, just saying.)

God Bless you President Trump and good luck. You'll need it. 

Now for the rest of us? Back to work! 

How do you stay ahead of the competition? Constant innovation....

Yes, we never really stop looking for cool new ways to do just about everything we do around this place. Some things we just do with no fanfare... just little common sense changes that make a trailer stronger, lighter, prettier... whatever. But, now and then, we do something that is pretty darn cool and well worth bragging about. The new tube top rail on our aluminum RS utilities is one of those things. 

What we simply did was use our volume to buy 'up' so to speak. Our ever increasing volume with the aluminum suppliers has allowed us to upgrade all of our aluminum RS single axles from the already solid aluminum angle uprights and top rail to some very rigid rectangular and square aluminum tubing! It's quite an upgrade... and it didn't cost you a dime more. I love that kind of stuff. 

Here are the current available models with pricing as well as options with pricing on this innovative, light and strong little trailer model. Give us a ring at 712 589 3100 to get yours coming, whenever you're ready. 

Our great single axle design now in strong, light 6061-T6 aluminum.

2,990lbs GVWR rating

2,000lb on deck capacity

1,200lb gate load capacity

True easy lube 6 bolt hubs

15” trailer RADIAL tires standard

48” tall 2" aluminum channel steel double spar aluminum 3-way ramp gate

Full LED lighting throughout!

All wiring encased for long life

2,000lb swivel up jack and 2” coupler

Fully US and Canada DOT compliant

Complete aluminum chassis with tubular spar and rail construction std. 

3 year warranted frame warranty.

10-year warranty on treated wood floor.

1’ tall rail side chassis std.

Weighs 33% less than comparable steel trailer, yet commercial grade durable.

Bi-fold gate option $200
Though, I am not personally a fan of this option, many demand it and we do offer it. What the Bi-fold does is split and hinge the rear gate vertically so that it becomes half as tall when stored in the upright position. Why don't i love it? Because it makes the gate heavier to lift, it adds some noise as the gate does have to swing and rattle a little and if you need no wind drag, our gates simply fold flat into the floor when empty and when you're hauling something, it causes so much wind disturbance at speed that a gate standing up in the back it rarely a cause for excess drag.... but, I digress. If you want it, you can have it. ~ Craig. 

ATV version (rail side only) with aluminum drop in ramps $675

I believe that we originated the concept of this trailer back when I owned H&H Trailer. It was so simple, yet nobody was doing it back in the late 90's and it went over quite well. Now, we are happy to offer this same nifty design in the aluminum RS model with the aluminum drop in ramps that double as side rails the rest of the time. By the pound, it may be the greatest single option you can get on an aluminum trailer.

Alum. diamond plate tongue box $335

8k jack $60

Split Gate $200

Heavy Gate (extra spars) $200

Rope rail on top $225

Need something custom?

Call us 712 589 3100. 

Absolutely Stellar!!! 
I'm taking a minute to pass along great news. Things are smoothing out, the new building expansion is complete, production is increasing, orders are still strong and... well.... I'm smiling. (Yes! I know... crazy, isn't it?) 

We want to say thank you very much for the business and the support through this wild year and hope that you all have just as a good a second half of the year as we are having. God Bless America, Thank the working man and Trump 2016. 
Have a great week. 

Check out the new pricing!!!

2020 MODELS are out! And pricing has changed.... 
We've expanded our price sheet to a four page affair. Check it all out below. 
All pricing shown is NOW current pricing and supersedes all previous pricing, whether on this website, online or in print advertising. 
Thanks in advance for the business!

Our original goal was to knock out one an hour and we are already back up to that number once again. If you have a trailer on order, we thank you for your support and can say that, though it may be delayed a little, it is coming! We cannot be thankful enough for your support. 

A note on coatings. 

I have had a rash of the strangest phone calls from customers who have been getting rock chips on their trailers, to which my first thought, is 'uh, yes... that happens.' Let me be clear here. We have a pretty decent system for prepping and coating trailers, but nothing can withstand the salt, calcium chloride, log chains, rocks, no mud flaps, etc. that trailers are always inflicted with. If you demand absolute bullet proof coatings on a trailer, then don't get a coated trailer... get aluminum. It costs more, but there you go. I just wanted to write a note and make it public as some people seem to believe that their $3,300 car trailer should be able to take a sand blasting and not show so much as a nick... that will not be the case, you work it and it will chip up. (It's crazy that I even had to post this, but some folks need to understand and there's no better place than here to do it. 

As with all good things, you have to change some of it sooner or later. The same goes for our pricing. But, don't panic. It's not moving much and it's also moving for a couple of really good reasons. First of all, since all of our newest models come with FULL LED lighting (Yes, including the tail lights on every model we make), plus all of our tandem axle models come with the formerly upgraded 8k jack now standard, we thought we would go ahead and take advantage of the newest pricing in the industry and move on with making 205 RADIAL tires standard on all base model trailers starting with orders received from February 1st onward. 
LED lighting 100% standard. 

Well, LED Lighting has become ever more affordable and to not create it as a standard feature would be silly. 

Standard 8,000lb set back jack now standard. 

Making the 8,000lb set back jack standard was also a no brainer. Add to the the price point we received from our supplier when we opted to buy 100% 8k jacks and we had to make the move.

Thirdly, 205 radial tires standard. 

Why? Because it is a minor jump for a nice little tire and anytime you can make the move to something incrementally better for very little money, you should. 

It's a Pirate's Life for me! 

As of Monday, November 2nd, 2015 Stateline Trailers acquired the assets of Hull Trailers Inc. and we have moved from the little red shed to the big yellow building next door! So, here I go again. 

I am actually now sitting in the very same office that I once walked into when my brothers and I founded a fledgling startup trailer manufacturing company known as H&H Trailer. In 18 years we built it from an empty building full of dead rats into a corporation with 300 employees when we sold it to a concern from Indiana in 2009.

I then took a few years off before coming down to become a distributor for my brother's company, at the time, Hull Trailers and did that right up until last week. Now, I own the place and there are no more dealers or distributors... we sell direct. That was always my simple little dream and so far, as of today it is working perfectly. We are selling about one an HOUR right now and that is all I could have hoped for!

So, after 22 years in the business, I'm back at the manufacturing game! The old Pirate ship has once again weighed anchor and we're sailing the prairie again... every man pulling his weight, frustrating our enemies and rewarding our friends! Man... it's going to be fun! 

Gooseneck upgrade on any trailer... $675

9,990lb upgrade pack, only $750

14,000lb pack, only $995

21,000lb upgrade pack $2,495

Did I mention that we build Aluminum Trailers?

Well, no... I know I didn't because this is the first time we have every mentioned it. Purely because we have been turning away customers left and right for the last four years.... and because the right people have shown up in my life at the right time, we are now finishing up the production line and will be offering a line of rail framed utility trailers in my favorite grade of 6061-T6 aluminum. Here's a shot of our initial test prototype. A 76x12 RSSA (Rail Side Single axle Aluminum) ramp gate trailer. Expect a full tour of the model on it's own website very soon. But here is a photo or two and full pricing below with specifications. Want to get on the list? We're already booked out 4 weeks in advance, so make the call now.. 712 589 3055.
We had considered a different brand name, but with the new acquisition of Hull Trailers, I believe we will keep it under the Hull Trailers name going forward. 

Complete Rock Road Aluminum single axle rail side utility specifications.

6061-T6 aluminum throughout.

3x2x3/16""” lower frame with box in angle double frame 1.5x1.5x1/4” angle inner support spar down both sides.

2x2x1/4” upper frame and uprights

3x2x1/4""” wall rectangular tongue main spar with 3x2x1/4” angle outer riggers a framed in.

2” posi lock coupler, zinc plated.

2,000lb swivel up jack mounted on center tongue spare

dual locking safety chains

3,500lb 6 bolt easy lube idler axle

RADIAL ST205-15 tires on 6 bolt wheels std.

ACQ treated 2x8 floor double screwed to cross members for even more support to chassis stiffness

52” 2” channel steel upright and center run ramp gate with j hook latches and lay forward design... we believe that this will be probably the strongest aluminum trailer gate of it’s kind around. Testing photos coming soon!

full rubber mount LED marker lights and thinline LED tail lights all std.



90 days nose to tail except for wheels and tires

2 years on coupler, jack and axle

3 years on frame and ramp gate.

10 years on floor.


Down and dirty test photos...Polaris 800 crew with junk stuffed in the bed and 337lbs of ME in it totals right at 2,000lbs! .. notice that the gate doesn't even deflect. 

Complete prototype, fresh off of the JIG. Still with smoke on the welds... get a pretty shiny production version of the 76x12 ramp gate aluminum for only $2,795 out the door. 

Wow! Time flies.

From Craigs desk August 11, 2015. My apologies for not getting on here more often. 2015 has been one big long busy group of days that turned into weeks and then months. Plus, to be candid, as I allow Godaddy to host my websites, they have dropped the ball somewhere. It used to be that I could jump on here and clickety click click click, update and add things fast as can be. Now, they've done an update that has turned this into a horribly, laborious pain in the butt indeed. Regardless, I will attempt to keep adding and changing this site for now... but there is a new site coming. Expect it to hit your screen first of the year. As always, we appreciate the business! ~ Craig and Melissa.

A day in the life...
Posted 9/8/15 
Here's some cool units that have been picked up by customers in the last few weeks. We thought you'd like a peek and as always, LIKE our Facebook page to get daily updates of what people are ordering and what folks are hooking up to.

Rachel from Illinois. New 18' M/T Tilt Speedhauler with thinline LED lights, 8k set back drop leg jack and 205 6 ply radials NEW 2017 price? Only $2,195 out the door price.

 The guys from the Penrose Tractor Factory of Penrose Colorado stopped in this week 9/8/15 and became a new dealer for us. They grabbed four of our 18' M/T Tilt Speedhaulers to haul home. Live near Colorado Springs and want one of our trailers a little closer to home? Call them at 719 372 6366. 

Spotted just down the road this last weekend. We built this sweet 24' HD Flatbed gooseneck in 14k trim, tool box in the neck, fender width floor, drive over fenders in red for a customer who wanted to haul a few antique tractors about a year ago. I see that they've also now gotten into tractor pulling! Nice rig! 

Spotted in the parking lot our local McDonald's while grabbing lunch. A local customer using his 16' HD flatbed to haul a very nicely restored 300 Case tractor! 

New 18' M/T Tilt Speedhauler with three very cool options... 8k jack upgrade, thinline LED light upgrade on the tail and one of our new super light weight and durable Car Guard Fairing. 

Always love dealing with our customers who serve! Rick has served 35 years in the Military with pretty equal stints in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. While he was still in Korea, he custom ordered a new unit from us to haul his old Vette and his Road Runner on when he got back to Kansas. Here it is, headed home. New 22' M/T Tilt Speedhauler with 9990lb GAWR upgrade pack, removable fenders, steel floor, rub rails on the stake pockets, 4 recessed d rings in the floor and the aluminum wheel upgrade. He was tickled and so were we!

Rick from Harlan, Iowa ordered up... waited the 5 weeks and then came and picked up his new 14' bumper pull dump box trailer with all of the latest 2017 updates... and it's still only $8,945 Seriously. 

Bob is from Nebraska and he had a pretty special task in mind for his new trailer. He bought one of those new Polaris Slingshot . So we knocked him out a new 84x14 single axle SS utility with the standard ramp gate (shown in it's folded forward low drag position). Total cost for one? Only $2,045. 

The guys at KCMD of South Dakota needed a new 'monster, do anything shop trailer'. So we built them what they wanted. Here's a new 24' E/T Tilt Push Button Tilt Bed Speedhauler trailer with the super duty 14,000lb GAWR pack upgrade, fender width floor and drive over fenders. It's a ton of trailer that will haul anything you pretty well want, plus its the super easy and powerful power up and power down tilting trailer. Total price as shown? Only $5965 with a mounted spare to match. 

Russel from Wichita Kansas had a different plan for his trailer. He wanted a pull out ramp style trailer but wanted an electric winch too... no problem. Here's his custom build. A 2016 model 18' HD Flatbed trailer with optional diamond plate steel floor upgrade and a 10,000lb electric winch WITH 750amp battery inside a locking diamond plate aluminum storage box. It was all wired up to run and charge off of the truck as shipped. 

As i get time, I'll throw more on here, but as always... if you click below and go LIKE our Facebook page, you'll find thousands of photos, descriptions and prices of units we're hooking onto people's trucks daily. Still have a question? Call us at 712 589 3055. ~ Craig

Want the latest and greatest?

Updates daily, if not hourly? Photos and pricing of all sorts of cool trailers people are getting from us? Then PLEASE go like our Facebook page... we have nearly 31,000 followers and if we have anything new and cool to talk about, we talk about it on there... click here to go to our page. 
Not a Facebook fan? Sorry.... welcome to the new world. We're there and we're doing it all there now. 

And now to talk about Politics.... (I know, I know)

I should title this piece, 
'Why I love Donald Trump for President and I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks'
Don... Mr. Trump, The Donald. He's one of a kind indeed... and I like him. 
Being a guy from Iowa, I find his New York attitude somewhat off-putting and brash, but when you really dig around and look at what this guy has done, you can't help but like him. Everything about Donald Trump rings of the old saying that it ain't braggin' if you can do it. 
Is he worth $10 billion, as he claims? I don't know.. but if it's only half that, he's done a million times better than anyone else I can say that I know personally. 
Is he mean when talking about Illegals? Not really.. he is telling the truth. They ARE her illegally and that needs to stop right now. 
Is he really a secret plant from the Clintons to throw the race... I doubt that severely. 
Here is why I like Donald Trump for President... love it hate it. 
(I decided that I would put this on here because so many of you have applauded my political opinions on this page and as you scroll down and read, you will have no doubt how I feel about our current government and administration.)
  1. Don is worth billions of dollars... that makes a man hard to bribe and nearly impossible to buy. 
  2. Don has negotiated with about every kind of crook, despot, lawyer, banker, government bureaucrat, crook, thief and huckster under the sun in his lifetime and as a whole, he came out a winner. I like winners.  
  3. Don knows how to make things run well... he may be able to do that in the White house too. 
  4. He doesn't put up with fools, he doesn't sugar coat things and he says what he thinks... refreshing.
  5. Don understands that keeping us safe, not taxing us to death and keeping government out of the way of doing business is the smartest and fastest way to fix every financial problem we now have in America. 
  6. When he was asked about why he is running, he said this.. "I have kids and I have grand kids and I do NOT like the direction this Country is headed. I think I owe it to them to see if I can't do something to fix that."
How could you not at least give a man like that a chance. (Plus the press, the Democrats AND the GOP all hate him... which tells me that he IS a good guy!)
Here's my last tongue in cheek appeal for you all... 

Don't discount him offhand and don't take my word for it either... go study. Make your own decision and let me know what you think! Send me an email here. Thanks. ~ Craig

now.... back to business. 
New low profile headache rack now standard. 
  .I snapped this shot of a new 16' HD flatbed trailer to show our new 2016 model update, the low profile headache rack. Why the new lower design? Because we had gotten numerous requests to lower it down for clearance when loading cars. Newer cars all have spoilers or splitters of some kind and they cost hundreds of dollars when you damage one... so.. at the request of many clients, we have lowered the headache rack down to a 3.5" average height to keep it out of spoiler contact range while still acting as a very effective tire stop. No price change, just an update. 
2016 Pricing Stays flat... until January! 

Yes, oil is down... we're staying really busy and in all fairness, we don't like to get greedy... so 2016 models are basically the same price as 2015 models, with an exception here and there. So, you can figure that a 24' plus 2' dovetail gooseneck hauler, like the one pictured above... with triple 7k axle upgrade, fender width floor, drive over fenders, in neck locking storage box and flip down rear ramps is still only $7575. Quite a sweet deal for so much machine. 

In January, we will be adjusting things around... but not a whole lot. $25 here, $50 there kind of things... but hey, $50 is $50, right? Want to get the best price? Get it now. 

From Craig's desk, December 31st, 2014.

Happy 2015 to all of you guys!!!
Once again, the year has slipped right by and we're just as happy to be doing what we're doing as ever. Stateline Trailers had another banner year indeed and we can't say enough how appreciative we are of all of you guys. New friends, customers, referrals and more came by the droves again this year. We supplied custom units to many of you and you thanked us by sending your brothers, neighbors, parents and family to buy one as well. It's this personal referral, word of mouth that we are most happy for. It's one thing to say that we try our best to do a good job for each one of you. But when YOU think enough of us to recommend us to your friends and family, we take that as very high praise indeed.

What's new for 2015? Lots of stuff!
Here are some highlights for you to look forward to.

1. We're aiming more for an even higher quality, more handbuilt, (bespoke if you want a british phrase) trailer line.
This means that we're asking our guys to actually slow down a little, lay in some even nicer welds and just take their time to really set our trailers apart from the pack. I believe that our bottom dollar pricing and this even more attentive attention to detail is truly the 'one-two punch' that any company needs to go from just good, to outright fantastic.

2. More new additions, changes, models and designs.
One that really pops out in my mind is the newest addition of our 4' dovetail with rear self storing ramps.
It's quite an involved process to create, but by adding the lower slope of the 4' dovetail and a pair of 5' long ramps that are built to simply slide into the tail for storage, it makes for one neat hauling feature and at only $595 as an option on any HD flatbed style design, it's still affordable.

New hours for 2015 as well...
No, we're not going back to 7 day weeks, but we will be doing a few Saturdays every month where we will be down in the mornings. Having the free time from a Friday night until Monday morning is just too darn good to pass up completely, but we will take a couple of Saturdays each month and make ourselves available from 9am until Noon. Just call Melissa to schedule a Saturday and we will make ourselves available. 712 589 3055 is the number!

In the meantime, we are planning on making ourselves available every Monday through Friday from 9:30am until 5:30pm (maybe we'll run off and get lunch now and then from 12pm until 1pm or so, but other than that... we'll be around here somewhere!)

God Bless and have a Happy New Year 2015

2014 FREE Trailer Winner Drawn!
We rounded up all 26,000 PLUS entries and drew by random number on Christmas Eve, which made it a great day for Brian Barker of Wichita Kansas! Brian won our FREE ET tilt trailer package and chose to use it toward an upgraded model. Brian basically got a clone of my old trailer..

He got a 2015 model 20' ET tilt trailer, fender width floor, steel floor, drive over fenders, 9,990lb GVWR package upgrade, 12,000lb winch mounted inside of our optional locking 48" aluminum diamond plate storage box, added three additional recessed D ring tie downs dead center in between the fenders, added the wireless remote and had us color the entire unit in red. He was surprised to be our winner and we were glad to have such a nice guy be our winner. Here's a shot of Brian's trailer. He chose another unit that I was building and had us finish outfitting it to his specifications. She's a pretty sweet trailer. And with a $4,000 account credit up front, that just made it all that much sweeter.

It was a great giveaway and I want to do something new for 2015, but frankly, I think I want to do some good works while we do it. This time around, I think we will be raffling off a really nice trailer with the proceeds to benefit one of the many charities that Melissa supports. More news on that front when it comes.

In the meantime... enjoy the Holidays and yell if you need something.

Craig and Melissa Hull.

Merry Christmas to you all!
I know it's a little early, but I'll forget otherwise.
Here I am sitting just 15 days from Christmas and once again, you guys have shown up and made our year again. Boom! Phenomenal numbers and a lot of new friends indeed.

All we can say is, Thank you for your business and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

God Bless you all.
Craig and Melissa 

Oh my Lord... like I didn't have enough to do.
They need to have AA type meetings for guys like me.

"Hi, My name is Craig and I am a serial business starter."

I always talk about how I need more free time and how I work too much, then I'll see something new and realize that nobody is promoting it and BANG!!!! I'm back at it again.

It all started about two years ago. I had some 'duplicate' firearms and had decided that it was time to just lube them up and put them away for the long term. So, I did what most folks would do. I bought a certain name brand oil and oiled them up, wrapped them up and put them in the gun safe.

Then, a few years later, I get one out to shoot and it was almost RUINED!!! The 'protectant' I had applied had turned into this nasty, sticky, yellow crap that had stuck and stained them almost to the point of destruction. Which prompted me to go hunting in earnest for a better protectant and lube for my firearms. Long story short, I met a genius of a man who had created a fully synthetic oil just for guns in his lab... but he really wasn't much of a business man.

I jumped on it! I sold stuff, gathered money and snagged it all for myself. It reminded me of Jesus parable about the man who found a great treasure in a field, sold everything he owned and bought that field. I didn't go to quite that extent, but the more I used it, the more I loved it and when the chance to own it lock stock and barrel came, I jumped all over it.

I then decided to start a small little company. I have now secured a lab to mix it up, just like he designed it and ship it in bulk to our little bottling plant here in Page county, lined up the best little oval bottle (I like oval bottles because the don't roll off of the bench!), went through about 100 different bottle tops until I found this elegant little flip top model that lets you have just one drop at a time, worked up the labels, got our UPC codes and then gave the whole company to my wife. I even named it after her.

So, tell your friends who shoot and love guns that Red's Synthetic Gun Lube is now available. We're setting up dealers nationwide and getting fan mail from folks who love the fact that they now have a better lubrication for shooting, that doesn't care if its 50 below or 120 degrees and you can just lube up a gun and put it away for 50 years without fear of 'yellow goo' destroying their guns.

Check out Red's website here... Red's Gun Lube and buy direct online through her nifty little onsite paypal portal!

And speaking of Guns....................

What is it with this Bloomberg Guy?

Being an Iowa boy, I've never had to deal with Mr. Bloomberg. He's a New York Billionaire who has been Mayor of New York City... that's all I really knew about him. Until, he has decided to toss literally tens of millions of dollars at an effort to basically remove the second amendment from the Constitution.

I don't know why he has this burr in his saddle to make sure you never get to carry a gun ever again as long as you live, but.... that just ain't cool, in my opinion. Not cool at all. I don't tell him what kind of makeup to put on his bulbous nose before he pops on TV to blather on.. he shouldn't be able to tell me whether it's a little stick or a loaded 1911 that I use to protect my family at home in the dark of night. Period.

I'm kind of a laid back, 'live and let live' kind of guy, but this cat is getting my blood boiling!!! How dare he! What gives him the right in his own mind to decide that what Thomas Jefferson wrote is all wrong and attempt to enforce by his will and money the idea of taking away your and my right to own our own weapons?

Other than I am not an Obama fan, I try to steer clear of such things, but if you are anything like me, you do not like others telling YOU what you can and cannot do. In that vein, I recommend you google up a little on this guy and vote for whoever he is NOT supporting in any elections for the rest of his days or yours.

Men like this megalomaniac need to be stopped and the only thing that can stop him is people who vote.

Spread the word.....
(now, I'll just step down off of this soap box and put this pulpit back in the corner)
~ Craig

New GR Models Out for 2015.
So, you've called and asked about them over and over again and we are finally ready to issue the newest series from Hull Trailers. The GR or Gravity Tilt model is once again a refinement of a design that only improves the basis concept in many ways. Initially available in two models, a 14' hydraulic cushioned free floating tilt deck with 4' of fixed deck up front or a 16' tilt deck with 6' fixed deck up front. Since we all know what you guys want to do with this type of unit, we went ahead and just built the std unit loaded...

Need a different length? More fixed deck? Call us 712 589 3055

Massively strong 6" channel steel frame and tongue
tight 14" cross member spacings
10 gauge drive over fenders
EXTRA wide 84" fender width std! (yes... standard equipment)
Full LED lighting
Single 'kick latch' on drivers side for easy bed lock latching and releasing.
full circular hydraulic cushioned cylinder assures you that the bed is lifting and lowering nice and easy!
fully enclosed PVC sleeved true copper wiring look with weatherproof connections everywhere
Tandem 7k axle system
16" 10 ply radials
#1 treated wood flooring
8k jack set back in tongue std with optional 12k jack for another $175
Only 2,750lbs empty weight on the 18' model and 2,890lbs on the 22' models
Capacity? Big! You can carry up to 11,500lbs on top of the 18' model and just 11,000 on the 22' model.

Low profile, super wide loading space and massive capacity... $6,525. Yep.

Nothing to get in your way when loading and unloading makes it a great trailer for those of you who have to depend on employees to get the work done. All they do is trip one latch, tilt the bed by stepping on the tail, drive on to tilt the bed slowly back down, latch it, tie down and go...

Super low profile loading angle makes it stress free for loading and unloading.

Massive frame, biggest suspension, wheels and tires all std and that solid front fixed deck... it just begs to get to work.

As always, we'll put this girl up against anyone else's version at any price... she's well thought out, engineered by the smartest guys in the industry and priced to keep you happy. Call Craig now at 712 589 3055 to talk about what you want to do with your new GR series trailer.

BOOM! What a month!
Here it is, August 1st already and we just keep growing and growing. I want to first of all say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for visiting our site, giving us phone calls by the hundreds and doing business with us at an unprecedented level. We are here to help you make good choices in the trailer model you need and always want to remind you that we are here to help you make smart decisions, first and foremost.

Newest E/T Tilt model updates are now out.

What's so different about the 2015 model E/T Tilt Speedhaulers? Lots... number one is we now include the dump box style control box on the tongue where the hydraulics and battery are mounted. This puts everything in out of the weather and gives you a lockable way to secure your battery and hydraulics. We also have moved the hydraulic lift cylinder under the bed and upgraded to a different design of cylinder, which has also allowed us to move the axle bias back slightly, which smooths out the ride and makes the trailer even more stable than before. All pricing changes are simply reflecting the upgrades and making for an even more long term usable unit.

2015 is here... Happy New Year.
Well for us it's here already. As of July 5th, all models sold are now 2015 units with a few updates here and there plus is allows Cal to catch up on any steel, lumber, rubber or paint product price increases that he absorbs until either January 1 or July 4th. What this means to you is that I have a LOT OF updates yet to be done on this website. Some prices will be incorrect and the newest 2015 model year price sheet will take precedent. If you have any doubts, pick up the phone or call... or just start by checking out the newest catalog by clicking here!
More cool stuff coming....... give me a day or two as the phone is ringing off of the HOOK!!! ~ Craig

From Craig's desk... March 21st, 2014.
I know I am sounding like a broken record here... but WOW! Incredible call volume, huge sales numbers and now I am completely out of all inventory I had built up pretty well. Today I have maybe 10 different trailers I could let go of today and that is in comparison to nearly 60 I had built up at the beginning of this month.

What does that mean to you? It means that we are sitting on 6-7 week lead times for any new orders today and if you want a Hi Deck or Hi Deck tilt.. make it 9-10 weeks. I know.. good for me, but bad for you guys who want something in a hurry. If you can plan around that timeline, do yourself a favor and get your new unit coming asap before we book out until June on new orders... Just sayin'. ~ Thanks for all of the incredible business!

The Trailergal lives...
Guess who's apparently is going to stick around for the long run? When she traded one old used H2 Hummer for a slightly less old used Yukon Denali, she decided to get custom plates.. I like it.

Used trailer values are good, but not as good as most craigslist posters think.

Case in point. A WELL used 18' MT tilt that I sold to a customer a few years ago came back in for trade. Broken lights, cracked floor boards, torn up fenders, worn down tires and the rear axle had been bent.. what was it worth? It lasted a SINGLE day on my lot and sold for $1800. I just thought I'd post this so you could gauge value on trailers as you shop around. ~ Craig

So... What's popular around here? EVERYTHING! (Ha!)

Since debuting our new 21,000lb triple axle option, it has been a strong STRONG seller. This unit was built for a construction company in Pennsylvania (Really! They paid to have it shipped out there too!). It was equipped well to...

~ Craig

Spotted on TV!

We should change our slogan to read 'We're just down the road from Hazzard County!'

From Russia... with Love? (I'm thinking about deleting that corny line already)

Our new friend and customer Vitalay from California, by way of Leningrad, called in and custom ordered a new unit, site unseen from us a little over a month ago. And, just I would be, he was skittish as a cat in a dog pound about whether or not we could deliver something that would be deemed worth the money. Here's what we built for Vitaly to haul cars with for his wholesale business back home.

20' GT tilt $6,195
9,990lb GVWR option package $750
Steel floor $1,100
Removable fenders $200
Rub rails on the stake pockets $200
Total out the door price $8,445 as shown.
So, when Vitally ran out to pick it up, he was not only happy, he was ecstatically happy! He posed for photos with it and texted his friends out west, who then called up and ordered up two more of their own. I guess I could safely call that a win in our department.
Caught Red Handed!!!!
At the old farm house, I have a little alcove off of the living room that wasn't really being used for anything, so I tossed a chair, a lamp and an end table in there and use it as a place to sit and read. A few Sunday's ago I was reading along when out of the corner of my eye, I see a little hand stealing MY peanut M&M's from MY personal, Dad only by order of Death candy bowl. I shouted "FREEZE PAL" and snapped a shot with my phone.... 30 years from now, my youngest son, Tom here, will think this is a great picture I bet.

Remember to take a moment to love your kids... they grow up too fast.

Thanks for the business and the freindship!

Another record year and more to come.
Just got done certifying our 2013 numbers and once again, you guys are impressive. Thanks for more growth in a single year than any previous year! We appreciate the love, the referrals and the support! ~ Craig and Melissa Hull. Stateline Trailers. 712 589 3055

Enough of Winter!
As I sit here typing this little note, it is February 5th, it's 5 degrees and there is a snow drift against my building you could ski off of. I can usually take winter in stride but even THIS winter is getting to me. I just keep looking forward and remind myself that April is only 7 weeks away... and you KNOW it can't stay this way forever! So, if you are tired of being cold and tired like me, take heart. It will get warmer.
Spring orders are already filling up.. so don't dally.
In that vein, though.. I want to remind you guys who will be wanting a new trailer for Spring, that Spring will be here before you know it. Don't wait too long on a custom order as we are already sitting at a minimum of 4 weeks out on smaller trailers and 8 weeks on hi deck trailers. That means if you were planning on adding one of our GTH Hi Deck tilt trailers to your fleet this Spring, I might get it done for you by 1 first week of APRIL if you ordered it this week. In other words... call me now or wait until May.

Just keeps getting bigger and better.
It doesn't matter which month I've asked for... sales are way up again! You guys just keep getting new trailers and bragging to your friends who come get new trailers... and it's flat impressive. The minimum month over month increase when compared to 2012 has been 49%. We are always flattered and with the new found volumes come all sorts of neat new things like our new weekly $100 off coupon giveaway to one lucky person each Monday, plus NEXT year's $4000 18' custom E/T tilt giveaway that you can register for right on this site.. keep reading.

You like FREE STUFF? (You know you do!)

Want to win $100 off of anything we offer? Just click the photo above or here to enter... no hassle!

A measly $100 off coupon isn't enough?

Well, how about guaranteeing yourself an entry in our Christmas 2014 FREE TRAILER GIVEAWAY? Yep... We're also going to give away a FREE $4000 value CUSTOM 18' E/T Push button electric tilt trailer Christmas Eve of 2014! Click here or below to get entered now before you forget!

What do I get with a 9,990lb GVWR package?  
You'd think I'd have addressed everything on this site already and then... I get reminded that maybe I haven't. So, to make sure you understand the overall value of bumping up a full on 9,990lbGVWR pack on any HD Flatbed, M/T Tilt. E/T Tilt or even GT tilt trailer, here is a quick list of all the neat things that come along with your $750 9,990lb GVWR pack upgrade...

Here's the rundown on this package for any HD flatbed style trailer...
Click the link to go straight to the entire photo feature on our Facebook page!

1. Bigger 6" channel steel, 8.7lb per foot weight frame upgrade from 5" channel. ($200 loose option)
2. Cross member spacings under the deck are at a very strong and snug 14" ($200 loose option)
3. Note: We run the heavier web 4.1lb per foot 3" channel for ALL of our cross members.
4. Upgrade to full LED lighting including the stop, tail and turn signal lights. ($100 loose option)
5. Nicer 8,000lb (Yep... it's NOW 8,000lb instead of 7k) set back jack option. ($40 loose option)
6. Upgraded 5,200lb axles with 12" brakes on all 4 wheels and easy lube hubs.
7. Upgraded ST225/75R-15 D rated steel belted radials on all four corners ($150 loose option)
8. Red and White reflective striping per U.S. ICC/DOT and Canadian DOT regs. ($80 loose option)
9. Upgrade from 2" channel main frame ramps to bigger stronger 3" channel. ($100 loose option)

It's a no brainer for most guys.... 8 really great upgrades for $750?

Budget this into your trailer and it might be the wisest investment you could make! ~ Craig

Sure, Craig... but what do I get on a tilt trailer?
On your M/T, E/T or G/T Tilt trailer, when you specify the heavier 9,990lb GVWR upgrade,
here's what you get for your $750.
Click the link for a full photo feature on our Facebook page.

1. Upgrade frame from 5" channel to 6" channel main frame. ($200 loose option)
2. Cross member spacings brought down from 28" to 14" ($200 loose option)
3. Nicer 8,000lb dropleg jack set back in the tongue. ($40 loose option)
4. Full LED lighting including cool thinline LED tail lights in their own tail cage. ($100 loose option)
5. Tandem 5,200lb axles, easy lube hubs, 4 wheel 12" brakes
6. Upgraded tongue pivots for the extra load. (Only available on heavier GVWR units)
7. ST225/75R-15 D rated steel belted radials (2540lbs per tire rating) ($150 loose option)
8. Red and White Reflective striping over entire trailer per DOT regulations. ($80 loose option)

8 cool upgrades and an easy 8,500lbs on deck capacity for only $750. It's kind of a no brainer.~ Craig

Don't forget to have some fun on the way...
From Craigs desk, October 29th, 2013.
A few weeks ago, my youngest son turned 4 years old. Put that in perspective... I turned 50 this year, so I usually start doing the math that my car insurance will once again skyrocket in 10 years and once again, I will start getting tuition bills from a College or University in about 14 years... which sometimes puts me in somewhat of an off mood. I know... I shouldn't let it but as a Dad, it happens. For his birthday, his mother wanted to take him to the very last day that the Adventureland Park in Des Moines was open. yippy.

I am 50 and I was born and raised here in Southwest Iowa. I have been to Six flags in St. Louis tons of times, Disneyland, Disneyworld more times than I can count and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City I could navigate in pitch darkness, I know it so well, having been a kid and raised kids in the area. But, I had NEVER been to Adventureland. I assumed it was a poor copy of the others and did my best to beg out on going that Sunday... luckily my wife gave me the evil eye, followed by the silent treatment and I relented... thank GOD! It was actually a great day.

It was a great day because I got spend it watching the world from a 4 year old boys perspective and that will refresh you! I also got to spend a great day with my wife and my Mother and Father in law... who are also great people. But the most important and meaningful thing was just to go and do nothing but watch Tom have fun all day. I even got in the act and got this great photo. My pirate name is Fat Jack Perrimore.

Bottom line here is this.... don't get so involved in your life that you forget to slow down and have some fun.
~ Craig

What about Big Tex?
I have been getting a lot of folks calling in and talking about Dump Box trailers and sooner or later, someone brings up Big Tex. If they expect me to go on and on about how awful a Big Tex trailer is, they are soon disappointed. I have a lot of respect for Ricky Baker, founder of Big Tex. He is a smart guy and has built quite an empire... so no points lost there for him. But, let's get technical and see why I think that our Dump Box trailer is a better value.

1. Lower deck height.
Yes... our dump box trailer design just kills any other brand in comparison. The last time I put a tape measure on a Big Tex 14k dump box trailer, our floor height was a ful 8" LOWER to the ground, which translates into less ramp climb and a much easier job of getting well.... nearly anything on wheels in and out of the trailer. Score one for us.

2. Steeper Dump Angle.
Yep... I have measured. Our dump box has 4 degrees MORE slope at full dump than Big Tex, PJ, Midsota and a handful of others. Steeper angle means... when you want stuff to dump out of the bed... it does it better with our model. Score two for us.

3. Dumps more weight.
Don't think that I said this... these words come from customers of mine who own both. According to them, our trailer will usually lift and dump 1000lbs more than a Big Tex or PJ.. Why? Well, we engineer it to do that and we also use a slightly stronger hydraulics pump and hoist system. It's just a fact. Score three for us. (Here's a photo of our prototype testing. Lifted and dumped 6 tons with no problems)

4. Less stuff to lose.
On most other brands, you have all sorts of pins to remove, clips to unclip and things to drop in the weeds, never to be found again... on our dump box, we designed it so that even the ramps don't have a single removable item to put them in the carrier. Just twist the spring loaded locks to get your ramps out... seriously. Think about it. How often have you had to crawl around in the weeds to find a clip you dropped. We tried our best to eliminate the problem.

I really could go on and on... but you get the hint. Need any other comparisons? Call me. I've been doing this for well over 20 years and I have seen enough to at least point you in the right direction.
~ Craig 712 589 3055

It just get's better and better.
October 29th, 2013
I was sitting here going over the numbers and realized that even in a harvest month in Iowa, which is usually considered a little slow, since everyone is in a truck, tractor or combine from morning until night... that we are going to ship over 100 new trailers to customers! Not a bad October indeed. Why? I sometimes wonder myself. Is it stupid luck? Maybe, is it divine intervention? Definitely... but I hope that it is something more.

I hope that the reason we stay so busy is that we really do try our best to just help people solve their problems. It is a great way to make friends and money and as long as it keeps working, we'll keep the pressure turned down and just help people when they let us. As always, we appreciate the business! Call  if you need anything. ~ Craig and Melissa.

We ship Nationwide... but the Triangle is our specialty.
When I speak about the 'triangle' I am talking about the three major cities nearest to us, Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska, 80-90 miles to our North and West, Kansas City, MO which is 120 miles straight South and Des Moines Iowa which is 140 miles North and East of us. Since we do a ton of business in those cities, we created a new program to quote dropped off at your door pricing to these towns for a limited time to test it's effectiveness. Click the links below to learn more about it and if you don't live in those towns... no worries! Give us a call to get a dropped off price anywhere in the Continental US! 712 589 3055.


Well, apparently there are laws... then there are OTHER laws.
I had to post this cartoon... says it all.

which brings me to my next point......

Why stop at insurance?

I've been studying and watching the Obamacare debacle with amount as much pent up rage and anger as a middle aged man can handle, without having a stroke. Then, something dawned on me... maybe we're thinking about this all wrong! What if we took Obama's lead and improved on it.. bare with me here...
(and just so you don't blow an O-ring here... I warn you that I am being ironic here... read on)

The Affordable Fuel Act.
This new law would automatically increase every gallon of Gasoline and Diesel sold by 20%, which would then allow the government to give free fuel to the 15% who are too 'poor and disadvantaged' to buy gasoline for themselves... it's only fair. But, that creates another dilemma.

The Affordable Car Act.
By merely increasing the sales price of every car and truck sold in the US by a mere 20% (HEY! You evil Free Market Capitalist... it's ONLY fair!), the Government would then be able to also supply a nice new FREE car to all of those poor, downtrodden individuals that couldn't otherwise afford a brand new Chevy Impala... there! Problem solved! Or is it? Read on... I have more solutions.

The Affordable Housing Act.
By only increasing the price of every home sold in America by a mere 20% or so, our kind and giving Government will be able to buy the 15% of those in America, who so deserve it, a FREE house with garage to park their new FREE car with FREE gas in... but that creates another problem... think about it.

The Affordable Cool Stuff Act.
How about that stainless steel side by side refrigerator? That cool leather living room set? Kind size memory foam mattress? 63" big screen with DirectV? No problem.. .just bump up the price of all of this stuff by a good 20% or so and we can give away FREE stuff to those who 'can't fend for themselves'....

See? Simple!
But... really... haven't you had enough of this crap? Where does it stop? I'll tell you where it stops... it stops when those who pay for it refuse to and that time may be coming faster than you think.

Thanks for letting me vent in my own twisted way...
I leave you with a wonderful quote from one Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain... I couldn't have said it better myself....
~ Craig

2014 Models are out!
As of September 1st, any trailer you order from us will be the newest 2014 model. We did a lot of tiny little changes and a few big ones but did our best to maintain SANE pricing... check out the newest catalog by clicking here.

Well, they didn't roll up the roads.... October 3rd, 2013.
We are two days into the big massive, end of times government shut down and, other than a friend or two of mine who who's Government jobs have been shut off and has been sent home (with a promise of back pay when they return to work), I have seen no changes in the world at large. The highways are still open, no one has invaded the country, water still comes out of my faucets and the lights still turn on and off... Hmmm... ever wonder if we need all of this monstrous Government overload? I know we don't.

So, how do you and I help effect change? I hate to say it, but we need to figure out a way to reach across and befriend these left wing voters... not all of them, but enough of them to help elect sane officials with no hurtful agendas. I am trying my best to reach out to those who are left leaning and help them reach a more centrist attitude to the next presidential candidate we end up electing, as well as Senators and Congressmen we allow to walk into our houses of representation. I would rather it be my way or the highway, but the takers have taken control and we must help them understand that it all falls down when the people who actually make the money choose to stop paying.

Hottest Selling units for Fall of 2013? Big tilts... no contest!
#1... GT Tilts..

GT tilt Goosenecks sales are up nearly 200% over last year! Wonder why? Because no company has ever offered a trailer that will do what this one will for the price we do. We don't make a killing on them when we sell them but we make enough to make it work. Our only limitation at this time is how fast we can get them built. If YOU want one before the end of the year, better call us up and get it coming. Read up on this model by clicking the photo above or here.

#2... GTH Hi Deck Tilts.

Hi Deck Gooseneck Tilts are hot, very hot. Once again, we took the no ramp concept and took the old hydraulic lifting dovetail idea to a new level. Why just make the dovetail work when you can make the whole deck tilt and increase the load capacity of the hydraulics, lower the overall load angle by 30% and make a much more stable trailer design in the process. Check out our feature on this model by clicking the photo above or here.

Enough of the business talk... enjoy your October and give me a call if you need something!

August 2013.
Ok, let me get this straight...
So far this year, the Obama administration has bungled Bengazi, Messed up Fast and Furious, Been caught using the IRS as a political weapon, got caught wire tapping and spying on news agencies and now it's coming out that they have been literally spying on you and me while we talk on our cel phones and surf the web....

And this REGIME is still in power?
(excuse me while I wrap duct tape around my head to keep it from exploding!)

As an American man of the age of 50, I remember the whooping they gave Nixon. And that was nothing compared to what Obama has been doing, yet nobody says anything... It's a strange world we are living in today and it makes me just more than a little sad frankly. Let's hope for a return to a more centrist Presidential administration and houses of representation before things get any worse. That's all I can hope. I guess.

Good days and bad days.... what's really important.
Saturday, June 8th, 2013:
What I mean is, let's talk about the things that are REALLY important to you and me, the guy that makes sure the bills are paid and the roof doesn't leak.. you know what I'm talking about. For me, some of the really important things are so minor that I almost forget it, but this morning I had it happen and it made me want to log on and just write a thank you note to my customers.

This week has been up and down for me. Monday I ran over my favorite dog leaving the house. Poor old Ben was resting under my truck and I was in such a hurry that I didn't start the truck and let it warm up like I usually do, which would have given him time to hop up and clear the area. Nope... that morning, I flipped the key, threw it in gear and THUMP... I ran him right over. Then to make things worse, it took him a good minute to die. He laid there wagging his tail and gasping. All I had to put him out of his misery was a 1911 45 auto, which I did pull out, but just didn't have the heart to blow his head clean off with. So I bent down and apologized while I petted him. That always starts your week off on a crappy note. Old Ben got a burial later that day. Nuff said there.

Then my week has really been one phone call after another just letting guys down because I am booked out until nearly August. Those fella's that need one 'this weekend' don't like to hear that. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make them pop out faster, but I am more concerned with making them nice and durable, than just making them fast. So, we have to tell you guys that it's going to take some time, which some of you justifiably can't bear to hear. Then... a little shimmer of light happened this morning.

I came in and checked my voice mail and a gentleman who had just picked up a new 14' gooseneck dump box had left me a voice mail. Of course, in any business where you deal with semi complicated machinery and you see a voice mail from a recent customer, your first response is, "Ok, I wonder what problem has crept up here."

But, I was wrong... his voice mail went something like this. "Craig, this is Bob ____ from up North. I came and got that gooseneck dump box off of you last week and I just wanted to call and tell you that this thing is terrific! I really mean it! Nice work!"

I sat there and just smiled.... it's not always about the money. Sometimes it's nice to just be loved. (I know, I know.. I'm making your ovulate with emotion here, so I will stop!) But it was nice getting that voice mail.

Other good stuff...
Well, it's not good if you want a new trailer quick, but I have to brag on you guys for blowing every sales record and booking us out to nearly August on new orders! Many thanks!

Ok... I'm done. Now get back to work... ~ Craig
What can you do with channel steel fenders?

My customer Jeremy had basically gotten himself a 14,000lb GVWR version of MY TRAILER not long ago. He and his buddy decided that they wanted to test my channel steel fenders and I received these in the mail along with a note that said, "These puppies are tough! They could do this all day!"

It's a good looking rig with a REALLY big truck on top!

August? Really?
Well guys, as it stands right now, you have all ordered up so much stuff that I am sitting at the end of July for delivery of anything other than hi deck trailers and dump boxes. Well done... but it also means, I don't have any loose inventory to speak of. I have forgone building anything for my inventory so that I can do my best to catch up to all of the custom orders we have received from you guys! Thanks for the business and plan ahead if you need one of my units... ~ Craig

So, why would you want an ET tilt with channel steel fenders and a winch?
Check out this quick video I did and maybe it will open your eyes to the possibilities.

The story behind this video is a good one! A friend of mine calls me up and says, "Hey Craig.. you're not looking for a project car, are you?"
My first response was that I needed another project car like another hole in the head, but he insisted that I might want this one for the asking price of only $2500.... and he was right. A complete 1957 Chevy 210 post with some rusty floor pans and locked up front wheels, but it comes with an entire garage worth of new sheet metal, front clips, chrome by the pile and more? For $2500.. I was in and he even offered to deliver it to me. And since I have a monster 517 rectangular port big block chevy with roller cam in the wings just waiting for a gasser project to drop it in... Who could refuse?

Then he tried to get it loaded on his std car trailer with a come a long, gave up and called me.
This is where the video comes in. I hooked up to my trailer (you can read about it here) and headed up the 12 miles to where the car had been dragged out in a field. The rest is pretty self explanatory. I simply reeled out my 9k winch (they're all 10k now for $895 installed), grabbed the old girl by her front cross member and drug it on.. no sweat. (Admit it, this makes you want one really bad.. doesn't it?)

Oh my... they never stop.

So, we had a school shooting in Sandy Hook by a deranged young man who didn't legally own a gun, because he was a nut job. He SHOT his own mother and stole her guns to do the deed. Then, he may have taken an AR-15 to the school but left it IN THE CAR and NEVER USED it to commit his stupid heinous crime. Don't believe me on that one... here is a link to the story where the networks ADMITTED that the shooter never used an assault weapon.

Yet... Dianne Feinstein doesn't think you and I are smart enough to handle our guns. She doesn't want any more of those cool looking assault weapons out there and she is working her hardest to get your guns in a scrap iron shredder, right now!

They want to ban 'assault weapons' (meaning anything that looks cool) and they want to create all sorts of new examinations (turn your head and cough please) and tests before you can even buy the guns that they deem you could still own once they have there way (for now).

It is insanity, pure and simple. So, what do you and I do?
Well, I am a lifetime member of the NRA and I recommend everyone else join. They are the third largest lobbying body in the world and they like getting paid... so I have much faith that they are in there right now, every day keeping an eye on this for you and me.

Second? Send your elected officials an email, not demanding that they do this or that. Instead, send them an email that just asks them something like... "What do you think about all of this gun ban talk?" Here's a good link to find out who yours are..

See what replies you get back.. you may be cheered up or you may decide you need new elected officials. But either way, you will know.

Ok.. enough of my rants. ~ Back to work... Craig

Questions and Answers... Episode 1,001,987

April 4th, 2013
Just kidding, but I do keep getting asked a few questions and thought I would at least post the answers here to help in case someone else wanted to know... Here you go.

Q: Can I get an MT or ET tilt in 16' length?
A: Nope. We built them that way years ago and ran into two major issues. First, at 16 feet it was just too darn steep to get up on and Second it would BARELY reach the ground. So... we quickly abandoned that concept and now 18' is the shortest we can do.

Just to speed things up.... there you go.
~ Craig

How do I stay in a good mood? I quit reading or watching the news!!!
After the last election, I had just about had it and now with gun ban talk and all of the other completely and stupid... plus totally idiotic things Washington keeps doing, I have taken the following measures to improve my mood and attitude... 
I quit reading the Drudge Report, Newspapers and any other print or online news show.
I have deleted both The Daily Show and the Colbert Report from my DVR cue.. as these guys are just too left wing for me anymore. I have also, in all fairness quit watching fox news altogether as their only mission is to build more rage into my system these days. 
I read old novels, I watch Dr. Who and Top Gear on BBC America and play with my 3 year old son a lot... 

It's working... I am in a much better mood. Maybe you should try it too. ~ Craig

March 30th, 2013
WOW!!! What a month! After the last four weeks, I have done things I hoped I would never have to do. I have been calling anyone I advertise with and shut down ads, quit posting on craigslist and pretty well hunkered down. Why? Because I am sold out... and I mean SOLD OUT!!! You guys really know how to get in the mood to buy trailers and it shows. For sale inventory is practically non existent from day to day, I have orders in for the next 6 or 8 weeks depending on the type of trailer and folks just keep calling and plunking down their hard earned money to get in line. 

It's flattering but exasperating at the same time. Calvin and the guys across the lot at the Hull Trailers Production plant keep hitting wall after wall. Our demand has outstripped supply for axles, jacks, couplers and lights from our prime supplier which forced everyone to jump up and start buying from more than one company. 7,000lb axles suddenly became hard to find, so we got on the phone and solved that problem. But now we play catch up and that extends order delivery dates, which puts our customers in a pinch and makes us stress out, because we like to be accurate when we say we are going to build something. I know in the long run, it's a bump but it's a bump that i would rather not have happen. 

All I can say to you all is... THANKS for loving our stuff, thanks for getting in line to get yours coming and thanks for understanding when something totally out of our control comes along and ruins our build schedule from time to time. 

Other things to discuss...
How about a cool new feature on both our MT tilt 18 foot trailer and our newest LED light upgrade for tilts that include LEGAL Thinline LED tail lights? Check it out here. 

Hey! I also did an update on a really neat 18ET tilt as well... i put it toward the bottom of the page at this link! Check it out with the Thinline LED lights as well... for $120, it's money well spent on a tilt bed. 

2/23/2013 Saturday morning at the little red shed.
Hey Guys! Did you know it' already April?
Well, it might as well be....

It's the story of my life, it seems. I have once again become a victim of my own success to a point and we are selling more than we can build once again. Sure, it's nice to be loved, but I see a log jam ahead and I thought I would write this note hoping that folks who visit our website might stumble on here and learn what's happening as far as lead times.

As it stands today, there are maybe one or two trailer models that I can still assure you delivery of before April. Think about that a second. Yes.... APRIL. What does this mean to you? Well, if you aren't in any big hurry, it won't effect you a bit. But, if you need a trailer to get something done this spring, you darn well get off the fence and get in the system, otherwise I am just not going to be able to help you.

If you need any gooseneck hitch trailer, any dump box or any really custom unit.... April is fast becoming the Month I can assure you that you will get it. Now it is public knowledge, so I hope this dulls the shock and awe I have been getting on phone calls lately.

We really appreciate the business and we are flattered for the volume, just help us out and plan ahead for Spring.


It's FINALLY done.....

Yes.... from a $400 craigslist buy nearly 3 years ago, I finally got all of the pieces lined up and the old '81 Chevy Stepside shop truck is running again. I had wanted to do one of those 1960's gas station style shop trucks with a Hot Rod twist without breaking the bank and I got it half right. I got the look but it still cost too much to do.... as they always do. But, now the money is spent and it's time to just drive it, use it and have some fun.

After doing a cab swap to get rid of the rust, we straightened up the bed a little, pounded out the old stepside fenders and sprayed on black primer followed by grey primer and finally white primer, then sanded back through in spots for the old worn out look. Then I had my buddy Mumbles pinstripe the whole rig and letter it up in old school fashion all about Stateline Trailers. Other than the way hopped up aluminum headed 355 small block and the beefed up turbo 350, the new Supreme 5 spoke wheels and radials were the largest single ticket items on the truck, but I think they give it that 1969 look that I was going for. What do you think?

The tailgate tells the story... Cool Trailers Cheap Prices 7 Days a week. The 1960's Galaxy 500 tail lights were in the fenders when I bought this old girl and we simply put in new fixtures and bulbs and lit them back up.

Can you see the typo? My sign painter walked around, looked at the rear fender and said, "Oh Crap! I put too many i's in equipment!" No problem... it's white primer... let the letters cure, sand it down, reprime and reletter... simple. I think that the stance of the bell tech 3-5 drop kit and c notch were money well spent.

All in all it's a cool throw back piece, a rolling business card and a fun little hot rod truck to drive around.

Now... what are YOU working on? Email me some photos now! I might send you a FREE Stateline Trailers ballcap.

~ Craig

How long do trailer tires last?
Good question and one that I should have addressed long ago, in my opinion. The poor little car trailer tire is a thing to be reviled. It lives a horrid existence being beaten and tortured constantly, then left, neglected in the sun and elements for months, only to be hooked onto and tortured again. Honestly? Most trailer tire manufacturers give their trailer tires a life rating of 10,000 miles. Yep... about as long as most motorcycle tires.

What can you do to make them last as long as possible? Here are some tips...

1. AIR THEM UP!!!!
I actually run my trailers at maximum sidewall recommended pressure or even 5lbs higher. It seems to keep them cooler under load and cooler trailer tires last longer.

Rotate them.
Yes... left to right, etc etc. It's worth the trouble to do this every 2500 miles or so.

Keep them out of the sun.
If you have an inside storage spot, you will double the life of your poor old trailer tires. Honest injun.

So... too long a wait but there are my three simple steps to get us much mileage as you can from a trailer tire, but be prepared... if you tow a bunch... you'll be putting rubber on every 10,000 miles or so. It's just the nature of the beast.
~ Craig

Welcome to December! I am not going to wax on poetic about the huge amount of business we have been getting, but I am going to say Thanks to you all for your business and friendship! We appreciate it!

Also, let's talk about new pricing that will be issued this month and will go into effect on January 1. Yes, pricing is going up but not by much. I see our 9,990lb, 14,000lb and 21,000lb GVWR package options going up by about $50-100 but there will also be some enhancements to go along with that. Also, I see base trailers going up about $50 here and there along with a well deserved $100 or so price increase on dump boxes and some other heavy trailer models. Like I said, a little here and there... nothing Earth shattering by any means. If the proposition of chucking out an extra $50 to $100 for a new trailer after the first bothers you, just get your order in now for a delayed pickup date and we will lock in current pricing. Pick up the phone and give me a call at 712 589 3055 and I will get it in the system asap.

Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 

Other stuff in the news this month!!!
New 'Ducktail option' allows super low profile cars to load and unload without scrubbing spoilers! $395 option can be added onto any 20' or longer E/T tilt trailer (Can't do it on M/T tilts as the longer E/T stroke cylinder is needed to assure full tilt loading on this model) Check out the photo and give us a call... now we can help you load your lowered Vette, Viper, F series Ferrari or other exotic with ease.

But WAIT.... There's more!
We get so busy building and delivering trailers that we sometimes fail to shoot good photos and get them on here... our customer, Mr. Trucke from up in Iowa stopped in to pick up his new 30' Tilt bed hi deck with triple 7,000lb suspension, I ran out with a camera and shot couple of quick shots... one with the bed down and one with the bed up... this sure beats handling ramps!!

I'll say it again... .this is one SWEET trailer design! Want a copy of this unit for yourself? Get one just like it for $9630 between now and the end of the month! Price will go up slightly after January 1... so hurry!

More good stuff is heading your way soon! Remember, the reason for the Season, Love your friends and family and get your business in line in 2013... if we can help you do that, give us a call!

Merry Christmas once again... Craig and Melissa Hull.

Man... I know it sounds like broken record around here, but we once again broke our all time month sales record! Many thanks to all of our customers and new friends. We will do our best to keep 'em coming on our end. Really.... thanks to all of you guys!
Craig and Melissa.


I sat up and watched election coverage last night until about 11pm. At that point, I saw that Governor Romney was NOT going to be elected. My wife was angry... and still is. I guess as I reach the age of 50, I have become a little more stoic about these things. Unlike some, I will do my best to be supportive of our president Obama as he enters his second term and my only prayer is that this battle between the people who actually make the money and create the jobs and those who simply take it will not escalate.

My real fear is that those who do make the money, the jobs and the tax base that have been forced to support this country will decide that they have had enough. When they do, they will cheat, they will hide their money and go underground, leaving a country without any income... and then we will have some SERIOUS trouble. I pray for everyone to keep a level head, get ready for the next fight and get on with business. The rest will take care of itself.

God Bless.

HOLY CRAP! You guys sure can buy a lot of stuff real fast! Another smoking record month is going on the books and we ALWAYS appreciate the business! Hot Sellers in October? Dump boxes, 18MT tilts, 9,990 and 14k capacity 20' M/T and E/T tilts and dovetail car trailers as well. Keep buying them up and we'll keep getting more in! ~ God Bless!! Craig and Melissa.

Here we are 10 days from an election and everybody says it's a dead heat.... I don't think so. I get the sneaky feeling that there is a HUGE silent majority of folks who have a sour taste in their mouths over $16 trillion of debt, A healthcare program that was basically shoved down our throats, a lack of growth on jobs and a complete laundry list of things that President Obama has or has not done. It's too bad. When he got elected, I said to myself, "Well, He's in and I wish him luck. Hopefully he can get some things fixed."

Now four years later, he really hasn't fixed anything and actually made some things worse. If Ronald Reagan had done these things, he'd have only been a one term President. If Clinton had done these things, they'd have run him out of town on a rail. But here we sit in a neck and neck race.... the world may truly be crazy, but I am betting on millions of sane, hard working guys like you and me to show up at the polls and get this guy out. We will see soon enough.

Leave a message!!!

Seriously... we are getting so much call volume around here any more that Melissa and I will both be on the phone taking orders or answering questions and people will be beeping in on both lines! If you call and get our voice mail. Please do leave a quick message and we WILL call you back!


Is it just me or do Obama and Biden kind of act like this is all a big joke? I watched the Vice Presidential debates last night. Whenever a serious issue would come up and Paul Ryan was speaking, Joe would snort and grin and shake his head like he was hearing a joke.... strange stuff indeed.

Joe laughing while Ryan speaks about the Iranian Nuclear threat.

They both held their own I guess, but it didn't sway me. I know who I wanted to be our next president and I already voted. I hope you have voted early as well.. if not, just don't miss out... vote. It counts this year more than ever.

Was it just me, or did Mitt Romney hand Obama a whoopin' the other night? I was stunned and surprised and absolutely tickled all at once! I can't wait to see Paul Ryan go at it against Joe Biden this week!!!! (This could be better than watching MMA fights!)

What it looked like from my chair at home!!!!

How the media spun it the next day.... to no avail...

Oh well.... we aren't really all that surprised are we?

Now... it will all be for naught if the silent majority (you and I and all of the other guys that think like WE do) don't get in and vote... just to make sure that i did, I and Melissa have already stopped in at the local courthouse and cast our ballots in early voting... you can too! Call your local court house and they will tell you how!

Want to get a BETTER deal on a new trailer from us? Become our facebook friend and you could get $200 off real soon! Click the photo to get in the running right now!

Ooops.... typo... we'll be doing this giveaway at random to one of our facebook followers when we hit 1,100 likes..... so.... go.... like.... maybe even win!!!!

Don't think you create jobs? Look at this photo chart and hold your head high!

Who would have thunk it?
Another record month follows the 16 before....
So here it is the 9th of October and we have been humping, selling and delivering so hard that I never even had enough time to eat a regular lunch in about a month. What a trip! You guys really love our stuff and it shows in the massive amount of calls, sales and custom orders that we just keep receiving! We are flattered and humbled as always! Thanks for the business and all we ask is that if you get our voice mail... LEAVE a message! We WILL call you back!

And just when you think I thought I couldn't get any more love from you folks, I received two emails from customers that warmed my heart!

Ron French from up around Chicago way had me build him a custom E/T tilt trailer in red. He came and picked it up about a week ago and was a hoot to talk to. A gun nut and a car guy trapped in the Chicagoland area... I think if he could figure out a way to move to Page county, we'd be hanging out a lot! Anyway, he took the trailer home and sent me this email with a photo of his sweet 928 GTS Porsche on top! Look at the photos and read his email... I didn't ask for the love, he gives it freely and we appreciate it!

Craig, I really enjoyed meeting with you last week and picking up my new trailer.
The trailer is made using the best materials and excellent construction. Top notch craftsman
ship is rare today, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. Every detail from the wood decking to the welds is a work of art. I sent you a few pictures with my Porsche 928 GTS on the trailer. Again, thank you. Ron.

Many thanks for the kind words, Ron... enjoy the trailer and send me a photo when you get the polished aluminum plate on that funky extra tall headache rack!

But... wait, it gets better!
Then, not twenty minutes later, I got an email from my friend John.

John Bennett from South Carolina had run up (Yes! all the way from South Carolina!) to pick up his new trailer. He then ran back down into Oklahoma, picked up an classic truck and dead headed it all the way back home. Here is the email he sent....too bad he didn't give me a photo of his trailer with the old Chevy truck on top, but the words alone warmed my heart.

Hi Craig. Just want you to know that I completed my trip from Braddyville IA back to my home in South Carolina via Oklahoma City. Approximately 1,500 miles in total. I traveled interstates, cities, day and night, and the trailer performance was wonderful. The trailer tracked straight and didn't dip, dive or skip around on rough roads. The lighting is great, I could easily see my side light markers in both side mirrors so I knew exactly where my outer wheels were when on narrow roads and traversing between road work barriers. The trailer is well balanced and didn't put unnecessary pitch or weight on my truck. I'm looking forward to years of service. Thanks for the great experience. Please send my thanks to the craftsmen who built this trailer.

John Bennett
Fort Mill, SC

...... See.... that stuff always brightens my day and hopefully gives you a little insight into what we try to offer our customers, day in and day out. So, if I can help you, please give me a call and we will do our best to make you just as happy! ~ Craig

We finally hit 1,000 Facebook Friends and gave away a FREE 66x8 SS trailer, or $1100 off of any trailer the winner on our Facebook page would like! John Walker of Shenandoah, Iowa was our winner, nearly wet his pants when he got the phone call and opted to have us build him a 20' SS utility with the 9,990lb GVWR pack on it... Congratulations John!

Take heart!!! We are going to give away a $200 off certificate to one of our Facebook friends when we hit 1,100 likes... so go be our Facebook friend today! You could be next!

Like free stuff? Then be my facebook friend!
09/13/2012 by Craig
In this day and age, it's always good business to be as nice as you can. If I just operated on the principles of profit and loss, I don't think that I would have lived the life I had, enjoyed the success I have known and I KNOW that I would not be surrounded by the people I am surrounded by. Sometimes, just being nice to be nice is reward enough. When I decided to create a facebook 'face' for Stateline Trailers, I didn't just do one of those hokey 'click here to like this page' facebook pages. I created a page where Stateline Trailers was almost a person unto itself. Which meant that if you wanted on my page, you would have to ask to be my facebook pal and I would then KNOW you existed and we would join up online. So far, it's the smartest online decision I have made. Since starting the page, over 770 people have taken the time to ask to be my facebook friend and I have accepted the offer. And now, I am rewarding my facebook friends once in a while with a freebie.

Today, I offered up a free hat to the first person who could give me the full name of the winner of the 1969 Daytona 500... LeeRoy Yarborough.. in case you didn't know. My facebook friend and customer Jim Wagoner from Topeka Goggled it faster than anyone else and he won.

I will be doing things like this every few days or so... and every time my friends list hits an even 100, I give away a $100 in store credit that the winner can use for parts or to buy down the cost of a new trailer. That's it, no strings attached... just go ask to be my facebook friend and you could win free stuff too. Why? Well, it makes me happy, it makes the people that win stuff happy and now and then, I even sell a trailer.

On another note... poor Clint... he's in the meat grinder now..

Mark Twain once said that as long as he made people 'think' that he was making them think, they loved him, but if he ever made the mistake of actually making them really think, they would hang him in a second. Poor Mr. Eastwood may have found that out when he did what I thought was a pretty good job of a totally off the cuff presentation of his thoughts on the Obama administration at the DNC convention a few weeks ago. Love him or hate him, Love Mitt or hate Mitt, Love Obama or hate him.. you have to admit that it took some major sized, chrome plated and polished 'huevos' to stand up there and do what he did.

"Clint, if they don't get it, I do!... thanks for doing it" Your fan for life, Craig Hull.

Honestly, is this a great country or what?
~ Craig

Where were you 4,015 Days ago?

It almost doesn't seem possible, but it HAS been 11 years since a pack of wild eyed zealots hijacked airliners and flew them into two buildings in New York City. We can all remember where we were when it happened and we can all remember how America rose up to meet the challenges back then. But today, I fear we have lost some of that fire. I think that maybe we should all take a look at this photo once in a while. It reminds me that we need to keep up at the effort of success in America, if we don't, then those jackasses won in a strange sort of way.... and I think you'll agree... we never want them to win anything.

Say a prayer for those who died that day, say a prayer for those they left behind and then let's get back to work and make America the envy of the entire world once again... sound like a good idea?

We're STILL selling the tar out of dump box trailers!
August 30th, 2012. It's been over a YEAR since Calvin debuted the new dump box trailer design and to this date, we have NEVER been able to get at least one in stock, until now. I am probably going to be getting right back on here and taking this off, but we do have two loose models right now.

We've got a loose 14' gooseneck dump box model for $6490
and we have a 14' bumper pull with reel out tarp kit for $6190

Why is it so hard for us to get any in stock? Well, because we have studied that last 20 years of our dump box production and sales and created a streamlined, improved, superior engineered unit with all of the features you need for less money than anyone else. Price is a point, but what you GET for your money really is what sells this unit.  If you haven't studied our dump trailers, go take a look at both the bumper pull and the gooseneck dump pages and you will see what everyone is waiting in line to get. It's a terrific unit that is proving itself to be rugged and reliable in the field. We have hundreds of them out and not a SINGLE unit has had to make a trip back here for ANYTHING so far... and that says it all.

Click here to take a tour of our bumper pull dump box trailers.

Want to take a look at the Gooseneck Dumps? Click Here!

Sorry that you have to get in line to get a dump box trailer... but do yourself a favor and get in line. You'll get a better trailer for a lot less money than you ever thought possible.

Are guns a good investment? Who cares!!!!
All of my friends are nuts for them, most of you guys are nuts for them and we all know why. A well crafted gun is a work of art, a tool for protecting yourself and the people near you and a great way to maybe not MAKE money, but a good place to stash it. Guns really don't lose their value and while you own them, they are fun toys to play around with. Not to mention the fact that a properly trained and licensed, well armed adult male has a 700% better chance of protecting his friends and family than one who isn't. It just makes it a no brainer to have a few good powerful hand guns in your personal collection. Plus.... don't it look cool?

Case in point. This slick Regent R200S stainless steel 1911 45 automatic pistol that I picked up from my buddy the other day. I have to admit that I have always had a soft spot for the venerable 45 ACP 1911 pistol. Ever since my dad took me shooting with his old Remington 45 auto when I was a kid, I have been amazed at the power of them combined with the 'reasonably' compact size. I shot this photo sitting next to my phone for reference. These are by no means a
pocket gun. They do have some size, some weight and are darn near impossible to carry without someone noticing. I find them more useful as a desk drawer piece.

But, when you slip in that stainless steel 7 round clip and rack it up, this puppy does it's intended job very, VERY well. Like an old buddy of mine said, "A 9mm slug might expand, but a 45 slug doesn't have to."

101 years old and it still may be the best all around automatic pistol design ever created. If you haven't shot one, you really should. And price??? This Regent is brand new and with 3 stainless steel clips, two boxes of 45 ammo, a carrying case, with all taxes and fees included was still under $700. It's probably one of the better gun buys I have made in recent years and one that I plan to keep around for a long time! You love guns? Then you HAVE to own at least ONE 45 auto 1911 pistol. Take it from me!

Sometimes you change for the better...
August 30th, 2012. Things change. It's a fact of life. When I was in my 30's I lived for motorcycles. Sportbikes, Choppers, Harleys, Eurobikes... didn't matter. If they had two wheels and burned fuel, I was in. But, I got older. I broke a perfectly good knee stepping off of a fishing boat in 2004 (Ouch!) and that slowed me up a little, but I still had a good knee and I kept buying and selling and collecting bikes.

Then, A dirt bike accident in the Arizona Desert in 2007 broke my OTHER good knee and suddenly, the fear of being crippled outweighed my love for motorcycles. When you don't have a good leg to stick down in an emergency, the prospect of putting yourself in an emergency situation on a 700lb motorcycle doesn't seem so fun and adventuresome anymore.

For a while, I just felt bad about it, like I was punishing my inner kid. But, as I creep up on the Stately age of 50 next year, plus with a 3 year old boy at my side, I have finally come to grips with the fact that I am just no longer a motorcycle kind of guy. Does that stop me from having some fun? Heck no!!! I have just traded my love for two wheels into four wheels and am driving my wife nuts with car projects lately.

My wife found this old photo of me posing with my youngest son, Tom on a motorcycle that I had sold to a fellow. It made me think that a quick note to my friends about changing your hobbies is not the horror that I feared it was. Maybe you have always enjoyed a high impact hobby that you just don't feel comfortable doing any more. I get it. I understand it and I am here to tell you to go find another hobby that makes you comfortable and happy at the same time.

Me? I have found some four wheel fun to work at. This 1962 Cadillac Coupe Deville was a steal on craigslist a few months ago and it has been fun bringing it up to modern cruiser standards. I guess when it all comes down to it, as long as you love what you do, it doesn't matter if you change direction a little. Plus, with this hobby, I have room for momma and kids all at the same time!

Remember, its really just all about having some fun in the end. ~ Craig

It's like Manna from Heaven around here.

August 10th, 2012
When the Israelites were in the desert, Moses asked God to feed them and he did. Every morning, there would be food laying on the ground for them to eat. But only enough for the day. Never enough to store up or keep on hand. It was a daily thing. I sometimes see that same method in my life here at Stateline. Every day I get up and I see the corn burned up in the fields and I listen to the people who are all worried about how a drouth is going to effect us... and I find myself worrying, like everyone does now and then.

But, I am also a man who knows that God is kind and good and fair. I simply ask God, "Lord, you know what we need. Send me some people today who need a trailer" and I leave it at that and go to work. I update my craigslist ads, do my usual things and 'ring'... you guys call up and we talk, then you call back and buy a trailer. When we are selling at the same rate we were in the spring on a weekly basis, I have to publicly acknowledge that there is a God and he does care about us.

Jesus said in Chapter 4 of James... 'You do not have because you do not ask God.' and I take that at it's word. If you are feeling pinched in life for any reason, get your heart right with him and ask with a little bit of faith behind your request and he WILL take care of you. For those of you who have been caught by this drouth, remember, There is a God who takes care of us all. If you do not believe that, then I really don't know if you and I would get along.

Dinner with the Bush hating Atheist.
My comments above reminded me of a business dinner I had with a British gentleman back in the mid 2,000's, when George W was president and folks on the West Coast, which is where I met this gentleman were at a full W hating frenzy. We met at the restaurant and he knew of me and I knew about him, but just to make completely sure that I knew where HE stood on things, he started out the conversation by saying, "Craig, I just want it known up front that I am an avowed Atheist and I utterly DISPISE your President Bush." He even concluded that statement with one of those, 'and how do you like that!' smirks.

My first response is still the best one I could have come up with and I invite you to steal it and use it when necessary when coming in contact with people such as he was. I looked down at my menu and said, "Well, I don't think George Bush needs to me to come running to his defense and I am pretty sure that you and God will have your own conversation about that some day, so let's get past that and eat!"

It made him arch his eyebrows and smile and we got along well. I guess i brought it up to let you know that I am not a raving, bible thumping lunatic, I Just believe that God is here to help and I wanted to relate that he has helped me... and he can help you to.

Now, on with the business... pricing is going up in about 6 weeks, so let's get busy!
Tuesday August 7th, 2012
Here it comes..... you know it had to sooner or later. $8 corn, tropical storms, the European problem, Greece getting ready to hit the soup lines and every raw materials supplier in the world is hedging their bets by bumping this and that up. Well, all that little this and that stuff adds up and we have been notified that we are definitely going to see some pricing increases real quick here. Like in a matter of weeks.

How high will it be? I am still unsure at this point, but I have had some heated conversations already that have bought it down a little here and there. My feeling? $50-100 per unit will be pretty average. I also see some options going up anywhere between $10 and $50 depending on what they are. So, nothing Earth shattering, but worthy of noting in advance.

How to beat the price increase? Get one coming NOW! Call us at 712 589 3055 and when we get your order in now, it goes in at the current price! Simple? Simple...~ Thanks... Craig

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012
Man, I am lazy, over a month since i wrote in this page... but, it has been hot and I have been busy. Much of my time has been spent just meeting with you guys and handling your trailer orders and sales. We are blessed to have landed in this spot in the world and in this spot in time. It's been a great first year (our anniversary came and went in a whirlwind and we didn't even slow down to notice) and we expect our 2nd year to be a full 100% increase over the first.

We thank you all and once again, deeply add our appreciation for your support, your trust, your friendship and your business... thank you all very very much.

The Burger King Incident....
I got straightened out by a 15 year old kid the other day.....
Let me explain. I had gone on a trip to DesMoines for some business and was heading back home in the afternoon. I had been haggered and hot and hurried all day and was thinking, "Man, I work too hard! I need to just call it a day and relax. Nobody should have to work like I do... " You know, the usual bla bla bla we all do ourselves once in a while.

As I was driving along patting myself on the back on how hard i have it and how good I am at all i do, I decided to stop in at a burger king and grab some lunch. Since i had an 18 MT tilt on the back, i chose to park and walk in for a to go order.

Inside, I stepped up to the counter and on the other side was this short, extremely chubby kid of about 15 with a big smile on his face. He said, "Hey! Welcome to Burger King! What can I get you?"

His smile was infectious, but he was pale and covered in sweat, even in the air conditioned room. My first comment was to smile and say, "Son, can't you stay cool working in here?"

"Not since the chemo! Makes me sweat like crazy!" was his reply.

I took a closer look and realized that this boy didn't have a lick of hair poking out from under his Burger King hat, no eyebrows, nothing.... he was the poster child for all that messes you up on Chemotherapy and here he was working away happily at a BURGER KING for minimum wage!

"Buddy, that sucks! How are you holding up?" I was trying to recover from the moment.

"Oh! I just found out I'm in full remission and they say the nausea and stuff will go away in a day or two.... I'm doing GREAT!"

Long story short, i paid for my food, threw him a little tip and walked back out to my paid for Escalade with my head down. Who was I kidding? I had it easy! Did i have to worry about whether I was going to die in the next three months? Did I have to worry about who I was leaving behind? Did i have to worry about all of that AND go stand at a Burger King counter and sweat in my own nausea all day? ... No, I get to drive around in paid for vehicles and sell stuff....

Suddenly, I felt extremely lazy and it dawned on me that I had just gotten my attitude adjusted by a 15 year old kid. Now, every day when i feel like things are hard, I just think 'Hey! At least I'm not fighting cancer while working at a burger king for peanuts!'.... seems to motivate me to get my butt back to work pretty quickly.

Is there a lesson here for you? I don't know. I just know that there was certainly a lesson there for me and i think i learned it.

Count your blessings and get back to work.

Thursday June 7th, 2012!
Man!!! Have we got good news! Instead of pricing jumping up immediately, we've actually have a few things go DOWN in price around here lately! Check it out!

But wait, there's more! As they say on TV.... our popular fender width floor option just came down a bunch, just by re-engineering things a little, we save you $15 for every foot of fender width outrigger you order. Case in point.
Last week, if you ordered any of the following trailers with fender width floor options.... you'd have paid too much!