Aluminum Solid Side Trailer
Here she is! Light, Strong, Beautiful and AFFORDABLE!

Our great single axle design now in strong, light 6061-T6 aluminum. Polished Aluminum Diamond Plate body! 2,990lbs GVWR rating 2,000lb on deck capacity 1,200lb gate load capacity True easy lube 6 bolt hubs 15” trailer RADIAL tires standard 48” tall aluminum 3-way ramp gate Full LED lighting throughout! All wiring encased for long life 2,000lb swivel up jack and 2” coupler Fully US and Canada DOT compliant Complete aluminum chassis 3 year warranted frame warranty. 1’ tall Polished Aluminum Diamond plate body system is beautiful and incredibly strong! Weighs 33% less than comparable steel trailer, yet commercial grade durable.

Aluminum single axle utility trailers!

66x8 $2,645

66x10 $2,675

66x12 $2,745

66x14 $2,795

76x10 $2,745

76x12 $2,795

76x14 $2,845

84x10 $2,795

84x12 $2,845

84x14 $2,895


Solid side aluminum NOW Standard.

Bi-fold gate option- $200

ATV version with aluminum drop in ramps- $675

Alum. diamond plate tongue box- $335

8k jack- $60

Rope rail on top- $225

Aluminum Spare Mount- $75

Aluminum Wheels- $200

Now available with optional 84" wide floor!!!

New for 2020! This exact model is a 76x14 single axle aluminum solid sided ramp gate utility trailer... that's a mouthful... so we call is a 76x14 ASASS. Shown with only ONE option... the aluminum wheel upgrade. Scroll down to learn all about this girl and why we believe it to be the best bargain in aluminum trailers your money can buy....By using a 2x3" thick wall aluminum center spare tube and heavy web thickness angle aluminum outer spars, we've created a rigid, strong, yet pretty light weight attachment point for this trailer design. Notice the 2" posi lok coupler, dual self latching safety chains and the shielded wiring that is run through the center tube to an over length 4 prong flat trailer lighting plug... all standard equipment.
Swivel up jack standard.
Sturdy, steel mount is literally clamped around the aluminum center spar and keeps the jack centered on the trailer for good stability. Easy to use, pull the spring loaded latch pin and swivel it up out of the way when towing. 

 .100 6061-T6 polished aluminum diamond plate body system. 
1/10th of an inch thick T6061-T6 Aluminum diamond plate and already polished, we form each panel with 3 distinct bends. At the bottom is a bend that creates a 3" long flange hidden underneath to allow lots of weld connections with the tongue and cross members. Then we create a 12" tall side (that's measured inside from the floor up) then bend it outward, add a 2" wide top flange for strength and then fold it 90 degrees downward again to create an impressively strong panel that really creates a strong trailer when the two sides and front are joined. 
Strong corner verticals and built in tie down.

 This system creates and upper body brace in each front corner than is also strong as all get out! The angle 'cap' on the front corners is just for looks and is also a great gauge of just how hard you are overloading one... if you can break one of these corner welds on those corner caps, you have really been taking her over the edge. 

Solid side body.

Check out that look! And notice a few other things.... like lots of cross members under the deck, rubber mounted LED marker lights on each front corner and fender front, plus there are more on the backs of the fenders, the rear corners and an entire array of LED thinline lights on the tail too! Two of the cross members extend out to become the front and rear fender braces and help contain a pair of nice aluminum fenders too. 

 These girls look and and will look good for a long time. We try to help keep them looking a little better by adding rock guard panels on both forward facing sides as well. 

Standard Dexter axle, easy lube spindles and more.... 

Every unit we build comes with a 3,500lb rated Dexter easy lube axle with the stronger 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern, load rated wheels and new ST205/75R-15 6 ply rated steel belted radial tires. This trailer was custom ordered with the upgrade to aluminum wheels for an extra $200. 

Are they torsion axles or spring axles? I ALWAYS prefer a tubular steel axle with the dual multi leaf spring suspension. Why? It's more reliable, will last longer, ride smoother and if you ever do need to replace something you damaged on it, you can just buy a part instead of an entire new axle. 

I often get the question of why we don't run a rubber torsion axle on our trailers and I will tell you the truth as to why. It's three fold, limited life span, uncontrollable bounce and no control over movement. Here's what I am talking about....

A rubber torsion axle has (guess what?) rubber inside. Which is great when it is new, not so good about 6 or 7 years down the road. Imagine a 7 year old trailer tire... hard, cracked, brittle... well, that's what is happening to the rubber inside a torsion axle as well. Once it goes, you can't just change it out. You must throw the entire axle away and start over.

Second, bounce... oh yes, a light weight trailer like this one, your trailer would be air born more than it was on the ground. It's just a curse of the design. They were meant to be used under big horse trailers with a lot of unloaded weight and just don't behave well on little light aluminum trailers. While leaf spring suspension may be far from perfect, it is still a much superior system than a rubber torsion axle in this... and many other applications, in my opinion. 

No control over movement.... a serious problem.
A rubber torsion axle has two advantages, each wheel travels completely independent of the other and each wheel can move it's 6" long 'arm' over a 45 degree arc, under extreme conditions. Now, if you were willing to start with building the trailer with 7" of gap from the top of the tire to the fender, that would be fine.... but admit it, that would look pretty ugly. When loaded to the extreme and run over rough terrain, a rubber torsion axle can and will let the fender and the tire contact each other, which is not good for either. 

But, by using a tubular axle, we KNOW that the suspension will only travel 3 or so inches, before the axle tube will bottom on the frame and save the embarrassing damage of a tire getting shredded on a fender... Just my two cents, but I like that concept. And you know it works, you can always buy parts and if rubber torsion axles were so good, they'd be holding up the rear axle of your truck. 

Enough on that subject, let's move on...

Inside each of our single axle ss aluminum models, you'll find a lot of bed space, a solid, strong, traction worthy #1 grade ACQ treated wood floor system that we always warranty against rot for 10 years. Our smooth inner side panels also have 6 of the coolest custom billet aluminum D rings welded on for even more tie down points! The floor is also fastened down in four distinct rows... front, back and two point in between to help the floor not only stay where it's at, but to also help it become part of the structure of the trailer. Good looking, strong, great traction and reliable... it's a great setup.

Check out this very nice all aluminum billet D ring tie down. We prep it and weld 6 of them directly to the chassis, 3 down each side for easy tie down of motorcycles, ATV's or whatever else you need to haul.

If there is one thing we've learned from the years we've built aluminum trailers, it's that there are just some places that aluminum doesn't do the job as well as steel. When it comes to building sturdy and useful gate hinges and latches, our exclusive all steel system just makes it trouble free for years to come. 

To operate your gate, simply lift the spring loaded J hook on either side up and it unlatches the gate... simple.

Then lower the gate for loading... and it's a 3 way gate. You can leave it stored vertically, drop it for loading... or....

When running without a load, you can simply fold the gate forward and let it rest on the floor to minimize wind drag while towing. Some customers order an extra long model just so they can do this even after they've loaded their mower or ATV. It's how I run with mine most of the time. Notice in this shot the two aluminum channel slots on either side of the bed at the back, these are BOARD GATE slots. If you need, you can cut a 2x12 to fit and drop it in the slots to keep small debris from escaping from the bed while towing as well. 

Underneath in the rear, you'll find two of our thinline LED tail lights and the center 3 bar clearance light tucked within their own protected area. It keeps them out of the way and assures you that you've got some serious brightness for tail lights while moving at night. The other extra braces are rest supports for the ramp gate.... these give the gate support all along it's span to give you piece of mind while using all 1,200lbs of available capacity while loading and unloading. It's a pretty simple and rugged system that works!

And, just to make sure we give you many tie down choices, we add a simple L bracket welded at the top of the rear board slot, just at the end of the body so you have one more place to secure a strap or tie down. This trailer is the product of 20 plus years of development and we're pretty proud of the way it looks and works...... AND lasts. For the price? Especially amazing.

So there you have our 2021 model ASASS design. Now, for the good part... scroll down for pricing and options, then give us a call to get yours coming asap. 712 589 3100.

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