Thinline LED lights.

Years ago, myself, Mike Kruse and Ty Thuelen worked to create a new kind of tail light. Necessity is the mother of invention and we needed to fix something on the enclosed cargo trailers that I manufactured back then. I wanted to put tail lights in the tail of a cargo trailer without having to put them in the ramp doors, where they always inevitably got damaged, but I also didn't want to narrow up the door opening in the rear of a cargo trailer since that limited what you could load in and out of one.

So, we set to work and created a totally new tail light. I nick named it the Thinline.. because it was only about an inch wide and nearly 13 inches long to pass federal reflector and luminescent laws. Long story short... 6 months from an idea to a finished item and it worked like a charm on enclosed trailers.

Then I thought about where else we could use them and we started fitting them on the tails of our tilt open trailers for awhile... until the NHTSA sent a letter saying that they didn't like that design. So, we planned to pull the design and wait for certification. Then the bank crash came and we scrambled and finally sold the company and moved on.

Now, after much paperwork and government certification, we now have a complete NHTSA compliant thinline tail light setup as an option on our MT and ET tilt trailers once again. Take a quick tour of this nice little red 18MT tilt we built for a customer and then decide if you love the Thinline LED option on your next tilt as much as I do.

THIS is what I mean by thinline LED tail lights. By snuggling them up in the tail of the trailer, we eliminate the side tail light pods, clean up the looks of the trailer, put the tail lights in a protected area and just make it look pretty darn good. When you order an MT or ET, you get these cool looking little honeys in the mix automatically. See those strange little slots on the top of the tail section in between the lights? WE put those there so you can drop a strap hook or chain hook in and tie directly backwards to the tail of  the trailer... they are included in any thinline LED tail light option... your welcome.

This 18MT tilt is pretty well the trend for guys that want a pretty basic 18 tilt with all of the nice stuff. This unit has thinline LED tail lights, stake pockets, and std 8k dropleg jack. Should be a sweet little hauler for years to come.
What's the first big advantage to an 18MT tilt? How about the fact that you just tilt it up and load?

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