Removable Winches! Always better than a come-along!

Removable Winches

So you have to have a winch, but even the budget $795 10,000lb winch we offer puts you over budget? No problem... we offer two other versions of mechanical winches in removable mounts for the budget conscious buyer, or just for the guy who might need a winch once in a blue moon.

This 3,200lb rated unit two speed model with freewheel feature. I have used this style many times and it will drag on nearly any non running full sized car or truck that i have run into. Sure is a lot safer and easier to use than a come-a-long!

Keep in mind that your 5,000lb truck will only require about 1,500lbs of force to pull it up a 10% incline! All of a sudden, the 2,500lb winch makes sense then, doesn't it?

Complete unit with 2500lb winch is only $300
upgrade to the heavier capacity 3200lb winch for a total of $400

Imagine how much easier this little honey will make your life!

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