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Stateline Trailers was formed by Craig Hull, co-founder of H&H Trailer Company. At Stateline Trailers we have chosen to improve the experience for trailer buyers by correcting the mistakes Craig watched literally hundreds of his dealers make for 20 years. Now, he is choosing to bypass that method of distribution and offer units direct to the public. Make the drive and save $1,000 or more on trailer? Why not? 

Our philosophy is pretty straightforward. Demand the best quality in our product. Keep the margins thin and bank on high volume to pay the bills. It's a gamble but so far, even in this economy, people really appreciate the low low pricing and the top of the line quality. 

If you need anything special, are looking for any BRAND of trailer, Craig has someone who is probably the biggest dealer for that brand in the world... including H&H, Featherlite and many others. No matter what you want, call Craig before you spend a penny. You will most likely be amazed at the price!

Thanks and God Bless America.
Craig and the galley crew
HP Trailers
302 HWY71
Braddyville, IA. 51631

712 589 3100

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