Custom Colors... when black just won't do...

Available Colors... just in case black won't do....

Let's talk about paint. 
As long as I have been building trailers, for the last 26 years, one thing has become apparent. Trailers have a tough life. They sit six feet behind your trucks bumper and get everything thrown at them. It's a tough life and you WILL take them down to bare metal in no time. Short of very extreme (and expensive) measures, it will happen. 

The other thing about coatings on a trailer are expense. 
You can get a trailer at a great price and live with some paint chipping, or you can spend more money and still put up with some paint chipping... or you can blow the wad and go full blown custom shop, media blasted, acid etch primed and Imron coated perfection.... and still get chips. 

At Hull Trailers, we try to give you all we can for the money you spend. But, to be honest, a $2,000 car trailer cannot have a $4000 paint job on it. It's amazing that I have to put this in writing, but I do. Realistic expectations are required here. 

So, now that we have gone over the basics, you can get your new HP trailer knowing full well that it's been acid prepped, iron phosphated and coated in the latest Precision DM coating system available, but it will chip up and it will scratch. It's the curse of having to sit where it sits and having rocks thrown at it all day. 

I will say one thing about colors. A trailer is basically a tool. It's a hammer, a screwdriver, whatever and the easier it is to use and maintain, the more you will love your tool. I always recommend good old black. Because, let's face facts, these things sit in the worst possible place you can put an item. Day in and day out debris hammers it directly and just beats the living daylights out of it.

So, you know that chips are inevitable. That's why I love black enamel paint. It is tough without being excessively expensive and when you want to touch it up, a can of $3.99 gloss black touches it up and off you go. Black really is basically black and that's why we love it for the working trailer.

That said, we still offer a few optional colors. Your cost is $200 to have your New HP Trailer finished any any of the 7 following shades. BLACK, RED, YELLOW, CHARCOAL GREY, SAFETY ORANGE, BRIGHT BLUE, and JOHN DEERE GREEN.  Just let us now what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

Craig and Melissa

Some of the $200 optional colors... and there others!! Call us at 712 589 3100 to discuss your color needs. 

Bright red. And yes, it is THAT bright. Very nice rich, RED red color... $200 option.

Charcoal grey. Nice, neutral color that is cooler to the touch in the heat of Summer, but will show chips and nicks pretty easy. $200 option.

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